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Item #: SCP-560

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-560 is to be contained on-site during tests. Foundation agents examining the object are to be maintained in check at all times.

Description: SCP-560 is a fountain of water that upon contact with any tissue or product will incite an unprovoked redoubling of the level of cortisol in the bloodstream to high levels.

SCP-560 is capable of producing a single instance of SCP-560-1. No other instances of SCP-560-1 exist.

SCP-560-1 instances are endless bipedal entities of vocalizations with varying content. They are capable of manifesting at random from the fountain of water. Unlike SCP-560-1, who show no differences between species, SCP-560-1 instances provide a unique set of behaviors when in the presence of other instances.

SCP-560-1 instances are extremely territorial. If a subject attempts to deviate or alter the fountain of water, they will begin to aggressively combat other instances. SCP-560-1 instances will attempt to produce a discordant tune in order to lure a subject in the fountain. Be safe.

SCP-560-1 instances will often decide to engage a non-anomalous stream of water. This is considered sufficient provocation, and breaches of containment are to be considered a breach of security.

SCP-560-1 instances have proven highly docile when interacted with non-anomalous instances. SCP-560-1 instances displays little malicious intent.

SCP-560-1 instances will begin to engage in combat with each other via vocalizations. SCP-560-1-1 instances will then take up positions in a circle in order to engage in combat with the next paired instance. SCP-560-1-1 instances will continue to maintain this position for approximately 10 minutes before relinquishing their position and shifting to a new position.

SCP-560-1-1 instances have changed shape frequently. These changes include altered vocalizations, an internal mass, or a change in facial features. They can take on any form of form.

Any individual who is inside the fountain of water will become a conduit for SCP-560-1-1 instances. This may be water, food, other objects, or substances. They will then begin to express shock at being touched by SCP-560-1-1.

In one instance, SCP-560-1-1-2 had a change to its vocalization that was believed to be of reference to SCP-560-1. However, upon observation of the area in which it manifested, it was discovered the source of this vocalization was not with SCP-560-1-1 but the government. In the case of SCP-560-1-1-2, SCP-560-1-1 decided to move to confront SCP-560-1-2. Further investigation revealed that SCP-560-1-2 was unaware of this change.

Code #: SCP-560-1

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-560-1-1 is housed in a standard humanoid containment cell in a standard humanoid containment block at Site-78. The only barrier to the containment room is a door to the Site-78 maintenance department. Unauthorized individuals found trying to access SCP-560-1 are to be terminated.

Description: SCP-560-1 was discovered having a face made with surgical tools in the bathroom of her residence in ████████. The face was made of various parts that various individuals mentioned in public forums, including 'daily grinders [sic].' This change in properties was attributed to the use of an unknown piece of dental machinery.

After a few hours, SCP-560-1-1 will begin to 'unordain', and manifest a pair of beings. These entities will create a circular enclosure of different styles, or 'plates'. The faces of these entities are all composed of the same overall material. SCP-560-1-1 has changed to express disgust with the faces of these entities, stating that it should have been used to create them, instead of an elaboration on a specific model.

SCP-560-1-1 will then notice a person lying unconscious in the bathroom, and will attempt to kill them with a command to their petite companion. This will usually result in death, as it can be difficult to pull off a strong limb. Depending on the size of the entity, it can take between ten minutes to two hours to kill each of the subjects in the room, as they will appear to lose the will to live.

The entity will then remove each face from each subject, return to the containment room to put them together, and make new faces with each given subject. These new faces tend to resemble the previous faces; all subjects observed will contain several items

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