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Item #: SCP-561

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-561 is stored in a standard humanoid containment cell in Site-143. Access to SCP-561 is to be restricted to Level 2 of the Site-143 Database.

Description: SCP-561 is an extremely slim figure of an adult female of average physique and blonde hair. She is usually observed to be wearing a white lab coat and a black seron-fence tie. Once per hour, SCP-561 will forcefully remove their collar/collar-tie and return it to their usual place in the cell. At this time, they will then talk about an important announcement of their family planning trip to Europe ("Match Making"), and then will return to the cell to check their surroundings.

SCP-561 is noted to possess an ability to change the shape of all objects ███████ ██████ and ██████ displayed in their possession. If a personnel, subject, or a single object contains a marked visual depiction of a ██████ item, SCP-561 will be repeatedly entering their surroundings and pressing against the object. The object itself will be altered to a heaped bowl of prepackaged materials.

The following interview is transcribed from now-defunct ████████ ██████, uploaded to ██/██/██. ██████ was one of several ██████ subjects, along with ████████, ███ ████, and ██, which contributed to an initial and ongoing Foundation investigation of the ████████ █████ ████████ ██████ ████ ███ ██████ ██████ incident.

Interview #: -001

Interview #: -001

Interviewer: Dr. ██


Dr. ██: Alright, I'm going to ask you some questions. How long have you been a member of ████████ █████ ████████?

SCP-561: Sixteen years, sir. Fuckin' never time-wise, really.

Dr. ██: Now, this fourth time we meet, let's talk about a large, permanent discovery which happened to end up in your hands.

SCP-561: Paul's pretty cool, doesn't he?

Dr. ██: It's not a world-wide-wide-hoax, I'm sure.

SCP-561: Yeah, he is. This time, though, he's gone, and he's going to be a lot more explicit. Don't worry, Paul. You're not going to experience a World War Two again.

Dr. ██: What do you mean, "world-wide-hoax?"

SCP-561: Well, Paul's my friend, Paul's my friend, he knew I'd be around. I always knew I'd be around.

Dr. ██: Perhaps it's not the best idea to use such a blunt object to make a point to you?

SCP-561: No, I mean, Paul is definitely a real cool guy. He's pretty smart.

Dr. ██: So, he's gone?

SCP-561: No, man, he— sorry, sorry, I don't fucking understand what you're saying.

Dr. ██: This is a common pattern among ██████ subjects.

SCP-561: Oh, no, no, Paul's gone, Paul's gone. Paul. Paul. Paul's gone, Paul. Paul.

Dr. ██: I just want to hear what you have to say.

SCP-561: You, you know what? I'm a good soldier. I'm a real bad one.

Dr. ██: What's worse?

SCP-561: Paul's gone, Paul's gone, Paul's gone, Paul's gone.

Dr. ██: How do you mean?

SCP-561: Paul's gone. Paul is gone. Paul's gone. Paul's gone. Paul's gone. Paul's gone. Paul's gone. Paul is gone. Paul's gone. Paul's gone. Paul's gone. Paul's gone. Paul's gone. Paul has gone, Paul has gone, Paul has gone, Paul's gone, Paul's gone, Paul's gone, Paul's gone, Paul's gone. Paul's gone. Paul's gone, Paul and Paul are gone. Paul's gone. Paul has gone.

Dr. ██: (To SCP-561) I just want to say, this whole thing has reignited me. Paul's gone. Paul's gone. Paul is dead. Paul has gone. Paul has gone. Paul goes, Paul goes, Paul has gone. Paul has gone to Paul's world. Paul wants Paul. Paul will always speak with

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