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Item #: SCP-056

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-056 is stored in a standard humanoid containment unit at Site-███. Test sections of SCP-056 are to be maintained in this unit, with anomalous effect disabled. Should SCP-056 become a containment breach, testing will be resumed by Level 4 personnel.

Epsilon-13 personnel are to monitor SCP-056 for the next scheduled testing session, and give feedback on the effectiveness of gene editing in instances of SCP-056.

Description: SCP-056 is an anomalous mean-point-mass indicator used by the Foundation to determine the putative mass of a subject.

SCP-056 reveals a planetary mass of approximately 424.6 billion kilograms, which is accounted for by the accelerated growth of the SCP-056 cursor.

SCP-056 was discovered by a researcher assigned to Tracking, Identification and One-way Radio communication. Upon taking SCP-056 for scanning, it was discovered to cite the planet's mass. As a result, the Foundation gave SCP-056 an SCP designation, and notified the Foundation of its creation.

Addendum 1: SCP-056 has been reclassified Safe and moved to field-17, where it has remained in containment for the remainder of its anomalous properties.

Addendum 2: Due to the nature of SCP-056's anomalous properties, Foundation personnel are bartering permission to use SCP-056/56/56/56/56. Only an AO for the purposes of determining SCP-056's mass should be approved, and approval of that document is required from all personnel involved with SCP-056.

Addendum 3: SCP-056 was discovered to show signs of genetic alteration, possibly resulting in the loss of a unique set of genes.

Holy grail of the Foundation is keeping SCP-056 active, and not relying on any external sources for determining the proper mass of SCP-056, but ultimately is set to remain active until finding a genetic replacement. This is the only feasible way to maintain SCP-056's composition.

Incident Log: SCP-056 .2

D-27880 was obtained from a cooperation agreement with the Foundation in which he agreed to be one of the subjects who would be instructed to interact with SCP-056. After a few minutes of working together, D-787775 agreed to work alongside D-27880 to determine the mass of SCP-056, and fulfill his request to merely provide a compass.

As Project CAGE was in progress, D-7875 resigned, and set a deadline of one week for SCP-056's mass loss. D-7875 was not informed of this, and was unobserved by O5-█, as he had been working alone, and had exceeded his work deadline. D-7875 was given an SCP name, and a birth date. D-7875 was given a changescript.

SCP-056 was found to be inactive, as no sign of its mass ever remained active, save an O5-█ alert, and D-7875 (who at the time was one of the O5-█ personnel assigned with SCP-056) was not immediately removed from Project CAGE. D-7875 had to be temporarily removed from SCP-056, and his O5-█ details were discovered to have been applied to SCP-056. SCP-056 was returned to its former state, and carried on as a token of appreciation to the O5-█.

Incident Log: SCP-056 .3

The following is an excerpt from a secret file of Site-███ compiled by O5-█.

Foundation material is an important resource in a functioning Foundation, and may only be administered to personnel who have done their absolute best to protect the Foundation and its objectives. The members of O5-█ are not the only ones responsible for preserving the Foundation's secrecy, with other levels of personnel having been given Material Restriction Orders (MROs) forbidding them from sharing the Foundation's findings with the rest of the organization.





O5-█: SCP-056/56/06, SCP-056/56/06, SCP-056/56/06, SCP-056/56/06, SCP-056/56/06, SCP-056/56/06, SCP-056/06

Greeting: SCP-056/56/06, SCP-056/56/06, SCP-056/56/06, SCP-056/56/06, SCP-056/56/06

O5-█: Doctor, your current

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