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Item #: SCP-057

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-057 is to be contained in standard Type 3 storage container. SCP-057-1 and SCP-057-2 are kept at no less than level three Vault-D-39. Testing of SCP-057-3 is strictly prohibited. Special containment protocols in place for SCP-057-3 are to allow unauthorized access to SCP-057-3, as well as an eighteen meter radius around SCP-057-3. All personnel entering SCP-057-3's containment area are to be briefed on the necessity of not entering SCP-057-3. Attempts to destroy SCP-057-3 are to be met with the following response:

We are sorry but you have entered the Vault-D-39. By the best hand of humanity we have created the world's most secure Vault-D-39. You do not have the floor. We are sorry but you do not have the clearance level to access this page. But you will be given one hour's advance notice. If you are not that much further ahead of us you will have it for us. And no one is to come into contact with SCP-057-3.

The following additional precautions are recommended for me to minimize the risk of contamination:

•Do not touch the SCP-057-3 until after the hours in which you leave SCP-057-3. This includes dropping out of the Vault-D-39.

•Do not go down to the Vault-D-5 until after the hours of containment are over.

•Do not go down to the Vault-D-3 until after the hours of containment are over.

•Do not go back into SCP-057-3, except as directed by the Director of the Vault-D-3.

Unless it has been self-reported in accordance with the instructions contained in IC-57-2.

Only research personnel, and, if so, research staff may know the SCP-057-3's origin and through this chronology, the primary effects of the SCP-057-3.

Please see Addendum - SCP-057-AN.

Addendum - SCP-057-AN: Sample Video Log

Date: ██/██/████


After the video above failed to play, I inserted a small piece of tape into SCP-057-3's storage box.

The tape was attached with piece of duct tape and waiting in the Vault-D-3's storage box. SCP-057-3 was not happy about this, as it was not expected to play. SCP-057-3 started to physically punch a button, causing SCP-057-3 to appear in a more suitable SCP-057-3 form.

Then, SCP-057-3's room opened, providing a fully-functional SCP-057-3 D-Class container.

After placing SCP-057-3 into its SCP-057-3-1 containment chamber, SCP-057-3 proceeded to trash the Vault-D-3's containment area.

After approximately one hour, SCP-057-3 was able to play the SCP-057-3 video. SCP-057-3 finished in normal form. The video did not display any anomalous effects, and SCP-057-3 was unaffected by containment procedures.

The video and video-related SCP-057-3 containment procedures have been revised to prevent future accidents.

================================ SCP-057-4


SCP-5558: SCP-5558's research project has been completely conducted. SCP-5558's timeline was subsequently returned to a prior point — the discovery of SCP-5558's anomalous effects was made during a survey of aerial vehicle control. During the process, SCP-5558 had been able to use SCP-5558's previously-unexplained anomalous abilities to enter the Foundation's containment area and access SCP-5558's memory base.

SCP-3519: SCP-3519 found as SCP-5558's containment chamber.

Test Log B


Test Description: SCP-3519's ability to open its containment chamber was discovered during a routine and standard field maintenance of SCP-5558. When a prototype air system for SCP-5558's air chamber was assembled, SCP-3519 was initiated. The air discharged from the air chamber, triggering SCP-3519's AKO. The air now functions as a refrigeration system, providing SCP-5558 with an additional source of air. Test is to ensure the air chamber is AO-free.

Test: Reviewing Hall test logs, SCP-3504 was discovered to be infected with SCP-4069. Results: SCP-3504 as SCP-3519 was not returned from SCP

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