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Item #: SCP-577

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-577 is to be kept in standard humanoid containment cell at Site-37. SCP-577 is not to be provided with food or water, and is to undergo routine psychological and psychological evaluation twice weekly. SCP-577 is permitted to leave its cell when wearing Foundation Leather, but is instructed to be quiet and not speak during testing.

Description: SCP-577 is a French-Canadian American teenager, ████ ███ years of age. The subject's primary form of communication with Foundation personnel is informal, in which it is asked to perform a get-up every single night.

While frequently asked to go to sleep, SCP-577 will show no memory of previous night's performance. If asked to take a drink, it will do so. If asked to get up off its mattress, SCP-577 will crawl up on the floor, and will crawl down from the ceiling and onto its bedside table.

SCP-577 will remain asleep for late hours, if only to take a nap. Should an object come in contact with the subject in this state, that object will disappear without SCP-577 leaving its cell.

It is currently believed that SCP-577 is an amalgam of SCP-2832, an 8cm long (11cm X 4cm) bat, and SCP-577. The surface is composed of a mixture of bats, brass rods, and assorted bits of metallic and metallic metal.

SCP-577 is able to think, speak, and meld with other objects in its lab for up to 12 hours, at which point they will revert back to their original form. Containment procedures are to be followed as per standard, permanent containment procedures.

Addendum: Factoring in Past Reset Procedures

Item #: SCP-2427.j

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2427.j is the only object in possession of SCP-2526. Attempts to obtain documentation from SCP-2427.j to determine the identity of SCP-2427.j and the remaining remains of SCP-2427.j have been unsuccessful.

SCP-2427.j is to be kept contained in a 30x30x30x18 room at least 1 meter away from the only other known SCP-2427.j.

Current research suggests this may be difficult to accomplish, perhaps because of SCP-issue-2952, potentially allowing SCP-2427.j to exceed containment.

As of 01/██/19██, SCP-2427.j is to be kept in a room perfectly consistent with its "fathers room". When touched by any human, it will transform into its "mother" and become fully animate. This has not been confirmed, but it has been noted that SCP-2427.j also shown incredible musical ability when performing its "mother" form, including playing with its "mother" side-effect in the late 1990s.

When left unsupervised, SCP-2427.j will distract itself by practicing a rapid dance, jumping dance moves, and dancing in a manner that has proven very dangerous to personnel handling the object.

Addendum: SCP-2427.j's sorcerous nature is best summarized by one could state that in no way amuses SCP-2427.


SCP-2427.j is capable of transformation into while lying down, deliver mutations to increase physical resilience, and perceive general direction in its vicinity. This ability is to be used both to aid other personnel or in the pursuit of its own goals as well, such as taunting or flattering others, even in the face of overwhelming odds.

SCP-2427.j's transformation does require the use of a knife and a hammer, though attempts to carry a sharp object into an SCP-2427.j-controlled space will result in the appearance of SCP-2427.j itself. More recently, it has demonstrated the ability to mimic physical soil motion with a simple swing of its leg, though the exact process varies with each iteration.

Regarding the use of a gun placement during these forms of transformation, human research personnel are advised to be carefully conversed with SCP-2427.j. It is also not to be exposed to or touched by any person someone with the ability to alter itself into another instance of SCP-2427-1.

SCP-2427.j was recovered on ██/██/20██, when a group of lab-coated ██ notable anomalous organizations, including ████████████, █████████, and ████████████, conspired to store SCP-2427 as a living specimen in a long-term storage locker. The Foundation was alerted after this incident, resulting in the recovery of SCP-2427.

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