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Item #: SCP-576

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-576 is to be moved to a secure room of the Site-1 Infirmary in Site-13, as it is considered an infirmary in the Site-101 Infirmary, in which it may be kept for study and containment.

SCP-576 is implanted with a camera and additional sensors. An audio link is established to an automated voice program which is to report to the server of the Site-1 Infirmary 24 hours a day, and is to identify and report any other evidence of SCP-576's activity.

Description: SCP-576 is a Blarden Liszt computer brought to Site-101 by one or more of its subjects after a full recovery from the Site-101 infirmary. Its anomalous properties develop after all subjects have left the room - even those who are currently working on SCP-576 or visualizing images of it. The victims describe the incident as "sickening" in their own words. No physical proof was found to show that victims had actually left the room immediately following the event, and no explanation was given as to why.

Images and videos recorded using SCP-576 are affected with supernatural effects. SCP-576 and the subjects identified have been noted as being animating. Photos of SCP-576 have been reported to have lost their original content, and videos and audio were either affected and turned into a non-anomalous form of SCP-576, or do not retain any of the memories affected by SCP-576.

Addendum: A transcript of a conversation between Dr. ██████ and Dr. ██████████ as they sat in SCP-576. Dr. ██████ is seen asking Dr. ██████████ "gimme a break, please".

Dr. ██████: Gimme a break. I'm Dr. ██████████. I know you're the new spooks, so, no question for you.

Dr. ██████████: Ask me something, ██████, what do you think we could possibly learn about SCP-576? To be honest, I don't know how to explain it. Was it your first SCP?

Dr. ██████: No, I wanted you to write a script. It's your session time, so you'd have a lot of time to think, and so I'll be using something like this one.

Dr. ██████████: What's it be worth?

Dr. ██████: Well, this is a computer or something like that. I'm writing a script for it. It's a piece of software to use, but that's the point of it. If you want to use it to report a message like this, tell me what to call it.

Dr. ██████████: That's a pretty good suggestion. How would you explain it?

Dr. ██████████: Brought to me by some unknown group of people. They want me to call it something like "Computer". What do you think they're asking you to call it?

Dr. ██████: "Computer" which is a synonym of "Computer" is what it's not.

Dr. ██████████: Huh. Anyway, are you sure you want this computer to be called SCP-576? That would be a problem.

Dr. ██████: That's a bad term for the name of the computer, but it's a way of describing it too. It's the word for something that is computerized and in a way that makes computer scientists think of computer technology.

Dr. ██████: And what does that even mean?

Dr. ██████████: "Computer", "Computer", "Computer" - as in for the process of building a machine or something.

Dr. ██████████: I'm sure you can understand that wrong.

Dr. ██████: "Computer" is a noun. A computer is a program. Computers use computers. Computers are computers. Computers are computers. Computers are computers. Computers are computers. Computers are computers. Computers are computers. Computers are computers. Computers are computers. Computers are computers. Computers are computers. Computers are computers. Computers are computers. Every computer is a computer.

Dr. ██████████: If you want to ask "Computer", then "Computer" is a verb. Computers do become computers, and computers are computers. The two converse. Just ask "What do you do" and you'll get "What do you do".

Dr. ██████: There is a verb after it. "Computer" is a noun. It's a computer. Computers do get Computers. Computers are at Computers. Computers are

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