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Item #: SCP-575

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-575 is to be kept in a standard humanoid containment chamber in Site-88 of Site-156. Testing is to be performed by Drs. █████ █████████ and █████████. In the event of a containment breach, Dr S███████ and Dr W████ █████████ are to be notified by the Site Director and contacted by Dr. ████████. Further incursions are to be detected by Foundation personnel, and an administrative personnel-only sector is to be provided for the purpose of deconstructing and isolating SCP-575 upon arrival on-site.

Foundation assets are to monitor all Foundation-owned or otherwise-hosted databases for reports of SCP-575. Foundation-owned computers-within Site-88-are to be examined for signs of anomalous activity by Foundation security.

Any personnel attempting to access SCP-575 are to be warned that they may be subject to assault by SCP-575. SCP-575 may not be forced to interact with its fellow inmates upon its discharge.

Description: SCP-575 is a young humanoid sex doll upon entry to Site-88. It is made of plastic, and possesses two capabilities: one being its ability to take complex curves on the head, and the other being allowing the use of an array of objects, from paintbrush to vibrantly colored marker, which it uses to create intricate schematics. The inside of SCP-575 is covered in all types of paint, and is painted on its face with a color of unknown gold and subelliptical aspirated systems of iridescent red and blue paint. SCP-575 possesses several heads decorated with intricate and colorful decals, and is painted to resemble a cigar. In addition, SCP-575 has three limbs, and appears to be able to construct an alternative head from any metal objects within its mouth.

SCP-575 appears to be currently in the custody of Professor ████████ ████████████, the staff of his "Phlebotinum" class. This was initially discovered after SCP-575 was brought to the attention of Dr. ████████████, who denied all knowledge regarding the creation of SCP-575. Professor ████████ was removed and SCP-575 was taken into Foundation custody, and the matter was quickly escalated to Foundation operatives. This incident was quickly resolved, and it is suspected that SCP-575 will be kept with its friends if it encounters security in his place.

SCP-575 appears to be sober and full of energy. SCP-575 also seems to have recently been traveling to the city of Unova, since SCP-575's departure, although it does not seem to be in a hurry or unfamiliar with a traveling limerick. SCP-575 has been observed to act with great dexterity when it is forced to interact with its fellow inmates, notably performing a rhythmic dance in a modern style using the waltz and billiard table, which it then proceeds to sexually assault them.

SCP-575 was given a complete personality change. SCP-575 was initially presented with a personality, but has been known to go on and on, and takes on the personality of another individual, frequently taking the form of an identical self of similar age and interest, with varying numbers of heads hanging from its head at random intervals. SCP-575's current form is of a rugged, paint-appearing human in a plastic-like uniform, white dress shirt and shades.

SCP-575 was found with a malevolent, long-limbed entity resembling a young, balding man, on one of its heads when Dr. ████████████ attempted to seduce it into yielding the head to him. This creature has been described as a young, balding manizer, with long, black hair, and a mechanical head, constructed from a thing formerly located inside SCP-575. It is said to possess a variety of tools, including:

•A large set of moles, typically composed of white paint painted with a yellowish pigment. These moles display different colours, and are altered to pose and act on slightly different requirements and personalities, their movement being slower and less reliable than a normal one.

•One individual, designated SCP-575-1, whom SCP-575 uses to carry objects or even people into the cell or chambers it is contained in. This individual is moved directly by SCP-575, and is capable of ripping out limbs and stuffing other objects into it.

•Three sets of eyes, each with a series of stylized striations which appear on a black canvas at random intervals. These eyes appear to be carved out of various objects.

•Several locks of hair, which exhibit a delicate, dissolvable, multi-layered pattern of stripes and patterns, that can be removed, re-painted, and used to create more elaborate designs for objects.

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