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Item #: SCP-574

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-574 was secured by Foundation personnel at Site-32, located in ███████, ████. This was accomplished by sending an MTF (Mobile Task Force -MCF-037) to investigate the disappearance of SCP-574, and was followed by the Foundation's acquisition of its main anomalous property. Agent ████████'s recovery led to the capture of Agent ███████, who was held in Foundation custody until his accession to SRO therapy. Agent ████████ was assessed then awaiting treatment.

To carry out this undertaking, a Mobile Task Force -MCF-037 has been assembled for this purpose. Details of this search and recovery have been classified in as Top Secret_eX.

Description: SCP-574 is a series of six photographs, each titled a photograph of a different portrait of the same human, depicting a group of people seated or walking about. SCP-574-1 through -6 are all framed on the page of a single photograph. Although the explanation behind these photographs varies, they are all clearly labeled to have been taken by someone of reasonable intelligence and suitable facial features. While other photographs have been identified in the vicinity of other SCP-574-1 and -2 instances, none have yet been located.

SCP-574's effect manifests in three stages. First, objects with identical pictures appear identical to each other, with all, outside of SCP-574-1, having similar physical similarities. Second, the object or photographs appear to remain unchanged. Third, people who view the pictures of these subjects will project themselves into the nearest subject of SCP-574-1 and -2. The effect is referred to as SCP-574-1 through -3.

SCP-574-1 through -3 are believed to be anomalously started, or otherwise based on the habits or behaviors of these subjects. The subjects seem to have a major influence on the effects of SCP-574-1 through -3, and anyone observing them will have a minor influence on the effect of SCP-574-1 through -3. This includes both the description of the object, as well as ten different people included in SCP-574.

To perform this SCP-574-1 through -3 process, persons who have interacted with and observed SCP-574 will attempt to live their life in the same manner as their counterparts, without changing personal habits. It is believed this process will continue until a subject has faced a lifetime, or until it has been defeated, confined, or otherwise forced to confront the object or photographs, depending on the setting of SCP-574. While this process is highly costly in terms of blood, sapience, and physical health, it provides the subjects with free choice, as it removes any need for a person's side of the story.

Addendum: Interview Log

Interview 700-A: Interviewed: SCP-574-1 through -3

Interview 700-A: Interview

Interviewed: SCP-574-1, SCP-574-3

Interviewer: Doctor ████

Interviewed: Doctor ████

Subject: SCP-574-1, SCP-574-3

Doctor ████: You asked me if I wanted to finish this interview.

SCP-574-1: (Sorpses loudly) Get me finished!

Doctor ████: (Subject contorts) Damn it. I'm going to have to amend this plan. Doctor ████, please explain what you just stated.

Dr. ████: What is this process?

SCP-574-1: I learned of an old tradition, and there's this old saying that people who experience the effects of SCP-574 must be better at making things. There is a story telling the old ways, when the Tejani Empire was still physically in North America, that each and every man was given six options to choose from for the best and true heir to the throne. It was a tradition, and people believed that by seeing those choices, they should have the chance to either become who they are now, or have the chance to choose a life better than their own. This way, when you are forced to make a choice, you don't have to think over what you are going to choose. You just have to look at the options and make your choice.

Doctor ████: How did you come to settle on me and my family?

SCP-574-1: (Suspects) I learned it is a very common thing to do. It is important to do it as well, so you may see how your person is in constant flux.

Doctor ████: How did you do it?

SCP-574-1: It was no easy task. You

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