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Item #: SCP-573

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-573 is to be stored in a standard humanoid containment chamber in Site-███. The chamber is to include a teleporter and sustain a multiple-sensory monitor; testing is not currently permitted. Any attempts to access SCP-573's containment chamber are to be carried out only by Class-D personnel with Level 3/573 clearance.

Description: SCP-573 is a humanoid entity roughly 30cm in length and with a single red jaw. Atop of this is an acorn withered by a possible tragedy or disaster. The entity does not possess any apparent physical features. It has a long, pointed conical bone spear pointed at its chest, although none of its organs are functional.

SCP-573 is capable of speech and a rudimentary grasp on both traditional Chinese and English. It insists upon a single being author of all creations.

SCP-573 does not seem to have any history of ill health, or changes in size or appearance. When SCP-573 is not being watched, SCP-573 is able to lie down and sleep. It has also been noted that SCP-573 does not seem to have any restrictions on social interaction. However, it is possible that SCP-573 does not perform any of the functions of a regular human, and instead performs these functions independently. SCP-573 is capable of easily finding its own body. SCP-573 will use its newfound ability to move its left hand to place it in a pose similar to the pose of the original person (Note: Noted that having a hand when SCP-573 is not being watched can compromise its ability to use its left hand.) For this reason, research is continuing.

SCP-573 was recovered from the ███████████ ████ ██ ████ ██████ ████████ ██████ ████████ Hospital, having committed a violent sexual assault on a female staff member. The hospital was evacuated three days after SCP-573 was apprehended, and is now under high security, with the Foundation to take care of it.

Description: SCP-573 apparently came into the Foundation's custody after a demonstration of a Three Letter Word and Word 115 instance that would make word control difficult. The case behind SCP-573 has been classified as an amnestic; SCP-573 appears to be a mentally successful 13-year-old boy. SCP-573 was seen fleeing the scene after being involved in a car crash, and was subsequently quarantined by the Foundation. Attempts to locate SCP-573 have thus far been inconclusive.

The Foundation has located several of SCP-573's articles, many of which have died. SCP-573 was then put under high stress when the Foundation received reports of an active sniper attack in ███ █ ██████ ████. SCP-573 has since been quarantined, and is now in containment.

Addendum: The Manna Charitable Foundation was able to track SCP-573 through usage of word manipulation and its use of the Foundation's front company as a front, and was able to retrieve SCP-573 from Site-███. SCP-573 was found in a secure wing of Site-███. SCP-573 was found, slung with some kind of cable, in ████████████, ███████████, AZ, since SCP-573's containment had been reduced to low priority.

Addendum: Apparently, SCP-573 was a character in the popular video game Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds. Until finding it had been infected by SCP-573, the Foundation had not encountered SCP-573 before the manifestation.

Addendum: Presumably, SCP-573 was so long ago that it was no longer infectable.


1. As of ███████, SCP-573 appears to be incapacitated. If it is rendered incapacitated, it is expected that SCP-573 will be moved into a safe location.

2. No changes to SCP-572 activity have been observed since that time.

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