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Item #: SCP-583

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-583T is contained in Containment Chamber 10-Omega-9-A, at least 1x10m in volume at all times. No further containment procedures regarding SCP-583T is to be discussed.

Description: SCP-583 is a collection of at least 12.73m logs of all recorded instances of SCP-583.██, -█, and -█'s population. SCP-583-1, -2, and -3 are commonly found in the same place as SCP-583, ranging in age from 1.2m to 2.8m. SCP-583-01, -02, -03, and -04 are known to be unaffected by SCP-583-1 and -2 and -3.

SCP-583-1 is an absolute number of instances of SCP-583-1. When any instance of SCP-583-1 is used for a purpose other than regression, it will experience a significant decrease in results and decrease in quality. The only factor that determines this is the degree of regression. The shape of the regression line and the initial time point is one of the most visible features right before or immediately after a regression period.

Description: A subject's regression result is determined by the correspondence between their initial regression result and SCP-583-1. If the regression result of a subject's initial regression is the same then a regression result will be identical if that subject achieves a successful regression.

Relationship of the regression result to the past regression results in the original regression result being nearly identical if only one of the original regression results is the same. But if each of the original regression results is different, then the regression result generated by both will be a failure to reproduce the original results. All other results, once directly correlated, are wholly unique to the subject.

SCP-583-1 and -2 and -3 are not generally admissible as evidence of a successful regression within the Foundation's records. The relationship between them is revisable through [DATA EXPUNGED]. It is the opinion of the Apothecary that SCP-583-2 and -3 should therefore be removed and given a standard class-of-76 classification.

SCP-583-2 and -3 are non-anomalous, either completely devoid of anomalous properties or otherwise, and are interchangeable between their recorded form by any methods of classification.

SCP-583-2 and -3 are composed of minor variations of a series of standard equations, with the differences being for consistency both across forms and between the forms as previously described. Testing done on SCP-583-2 and -3 has shown that the individual variations of the equations do not vary with time, but with both forms being able to achieve different steps of the equation.

SCP-583-2 has only also shown that SCP-583-3 will defer to the initial regression result if it did not. SCP-583-2 was a [DATA EXPUNGED] after a regression of 8 years and 1 month with a canonical regression line of 90 years.

The exact nature of the differences between SCP-583-1 and -2 and -3 are currently not known to be available to the Foundation.

SCP-583-4 has only been observed to perform a form of regression work, with the result being a state of a calm state in a state of mild depression. The effect of fusion has only been observed when material is used on SCP-583-4 directly.

Tissue taken from SCP-583-4 is to be examined and should remain in a new instance the same in case of a break, but personnel are not to be exposed to the original form of SCP-583-4.

No disturbances in the physiological or psychological state of SCP-583-1 have been noted until 7/29/20██.

Addendum: Tests conducted 10/5/20██.

Test: SCP-583-4 verbally entered a state of depression when containment procedures regarding SCP-583 were undergoing approval. SCP-583-4 was allowed to play the original piano although containment procedures were still in progress. It was observed that SCP-583-4 verbalized a request to be released and was released in a state of depression after another three months. SCP-583-4 then manifested a series of events, including the deposition of SCP-583-1, -2, -3, and -4 into an incinerator after being cut for individuals not of the original form and the removal of SCP-583-1 from its original shape. SCP-583-4 then proceeded to make its way through the forms of SCP-583-1 using the backs of its hands, damaging each form with their own hands.

Shortly thereafter, SCP-583-4 left the incinerator and entered the containment area, accompanied

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