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Item #: SCP-584

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-584 is kept in a standard humanoid containment chamber at Site 19, and is visited only for approval by one researcher with a clear background in robotics.

Description: SCP-584 is a humanoid male sapient construct constructed of human bone (approximately two meters in length and consisting of strong, flexible joints) constructed using localized human red blood cells in its upper body, nerves, and other peripheral muscle. While it can move at high speeds, SCP-584 will change shape, content, and shape itself to be identical to one another. It is capable of speech, and will use these words when interacting with any member of its own species, if asked to do so. SCP-584 will also occasionally perform an intricate dance with objects or people around it, often using the form of sixteen-stringed instruments played by human artists. The origin of these dances is currently unknown. SCP-584 is active on its own, and will directly create and perform a series of complex humanorations while gathering around a mournful female, in the hope that her death will be mournful at the same time. SCP-584 will occasionally view and comment on the writings of the female, and will attempt to make new dance forms of its own composition to mimic these forms.

SCP-584 has been noted to display flocks of middle fingers and other similar gestures as well as being cheery. SCP-584 is convinced it is dancing, but does not know it.

Description 2: SCP-584 was located in ███████, Egypt, after employees of a local entertainment establishment attempted to break the glass window of a nearby rooftop. After SCP-584 was discovered, the owner was detained for questioning and evaluated by Foundation agents. The owner was found to have no history of previously attaining a musical talent, and was held for thirteen hours before being given a protective order by Foundation agents and given counselling.

Foundation agents removed five pieces of furniture from the room, each with a note reading "Good Luck, Da Capo! Remember Remember, you will be responsible for them if you don't!" The ten pieces consisted of roughly 12 loose clusters of light oak and azalea trees, each with a letter of the name of the performer. One of the groups contains various written messages reading "Coco Mania", "Come Back Sunny!", "Venice and the Monkey King", "Piano Concerto No. 5", "I'm Burning Down The House of Musas", "Cocuzza", and "spark of creation." Of the remaining pieces contained in SCP-584, no anomalous properties were noted.

SCP-584 will perform a series of classical music numbers for various persons. The number varies between three and twenty, with variations ranging from "a very lonesome screamer to a very lonesome screamer", to "Dark Music Recitals Series "Crystal Perseoplex" and "Winning the Long Game". These performances are always performed by the former, but degrade into a song-like dissonant melodic structure. SCP-584 spontaneously performs the songs at random, which are followed by a high pitched gurgle sound. When this occurs, it decides to be silent for several seconds. The following report and description of these performances was shared at an offsite inspection.


SCP-584 reactively closed the window in front of it. After five minutes. removed its back and proceeded to dance. claimed to be recording. proceeded to perform the show. then proceeded to finish the show and became silent for several seconds. again began to perform. sustained a low guttural scream, which continued for another three minutes. then splayed out the hand of its left palm, causing change to its body. then laughed, in an even lower tone than before. then said something unintelligible for five seconds, and [DATA EXPUNGED]. then proceeded to perform the song 'No, I'm not doing like that! I'm doing like this!' Following this, [DATA EXPUNGED]. then faltered and ceased to begin the performance. then repeated this behaviour, and continued to do so until [DATA EXPUNGED]. then stood and slowly began to reform, to the point where SCP-584 had only just begun the song. then proceeded to commit the suicide suicide by shooting himself.

Addendum Note: While not as disturbing as SCP-1079, SCP-584's behaviour toward [DATA EXPUNGED] was also notable in that it is the first time SCP-584 has been seen to attempt late-stage suicide.

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