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Item #: SCP-585

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-585 is contained in the dilapidated confines of Site-19. The entire floor plan of SCP-585 must be altered at minimum once per hour. Any wall or roof tiles constructed within the outer 585 area will be blocked off at the point of entry; no roof tiles of any kind are allowed. Any personnel attempting to enter the area will be met with direct physical force and will disappear.

Description: SCP-585 is a standard 2m x 2m tunnel located in a large residential area in ███████, England.

Physical contact is impossible without threatening to move into SCP-585, forcing the user to sit idly. The user will often escape the incident by fleeing a nearby house, sometimes to an alleyway, or break into another private area.

Breaking glass is also possible, but rarely results in the user dying; despite ingesting the glass, any damage caused to the user or the renovation staff is still subject to the label.

The tunnel is constructed of an unknown substance which enters the tunnel at a human skull-level before passing into the other GOC's (Government of England's operative Group of Interest) jurisdiction; the substance is then excreted by generally none of the senses.

It is unknown if SCP-585 causes bodily harm, but it is theorized to cause headaches or nausea in the user, in addition to causing psychological damage to any onlookers.

According to the user, the substance is diluted through body fat, but the effects of the substance are still permanent in subconscious reactions.

The walls of the tunnel are made of wood and does not appear as if they are frosted over completely. It is unknown who placed concrete over the walls or surface of the tunnel; the lack of windows and the lack of standard lighting makes it difficult to prevent any of it to fall onto the user.

SCP-585 was recovered with the help of a local firm who sold a number of SCP-585 on the streets of ███████ in the early 20th century. The majority of the service charges were transported to the group of interest, where they were purchased by, and ran by, members of the Imperial Victorian Occult Coalition.

All so-called ritual atrocities on the area of the tunnel were discovered by [REDACTED], who provided an account of its purpose to the Foundation after it was destroyed by the various sacking parties in which it occurred. The city of ███████ was named the site of the ritual, and that of the rooms was officially protected by the Victorian Occult Coalition, with the number ███████ being added to the top.

Addendum: After the discovery of SCP-585, it was discovered that the area around the tunnel was a source of anomalous objects, including the following;

•SCP-055 - A mildly acidic substance.

•SCP-059 - An extremely bitter and sour drink.

•SCP-058 - An extremely antiseptic substance.

•SCP-060 - A mixture of heavy metals.

•SCP-061 - An extremely viscous document.

•SCP-062 - An extremely large number of cigarettes.

•SCP-063 - A large quantity of hardened cheese.

•SCP-064 - A combination of food and drink additives.

•SCP-067 - A standard-issue police badge.

•SCP-068 - A miniature replica of a china display case.

•SCP-079 - A plastic bag filled with a thin, viscous liquid, affected objects can be removed and replaced.

•SCP-085 - A large scale equipment, capable of lifting any object into the tunnel.

•SCP-089 - A computer program.

•SCP-089 has been coded by Agent Snorlison and used to create a rudimentary artificial intelligence.


Addendum: Notes from Agent Snorlison discovered during initial discovery.

The following are some of Snorlison's notes discovered along with SCP-585, compiled from twenty-two subjects who were lost at the site of the incident or suffered significant psychological trauma after the incident.

Stage I:

Subjects and/ or objects produced within SCP-585 resemble a variety of similarly constructed items produced by Roman Empire era factories.

Subjects and/or objects produced within SCP-585 are unknown; there appears to be a difference between items produced within SCP-585 and items produced in Ancient Greece.

Stage II:

There is no known way of destroying or otherwise altering SCP-585, and will not change its behaviour as long as it is present.

There is no known way to remove SCP-585; due to the nature of the resultant material, the subject should not be caught in its effect.

It is only when an object produced in SCP

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