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Item #: SCP-586

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-586 are to be stored in a 500m x 500m x 5m concrete holding cell. SCP-586 is to be supplied with a standard, machine-water application system to continuously keep the water level at an optimal level. There is to be water available for SCP-586 every five (5) minutes, provided that SCP-586 is supplied with fresh water every twelve (12) minutes. Water is to be supplied by SCP-586 on a 24-hour basis.

Description: SCP-586 is a wholly conventional concrete containment unit made out of a part manufactured in 1958. It exhibits no damage to physical contact with objects it is carrying. However, it is known to cause the surrounding area to become quite warm in accordance with the intended purpose of using it.

SCP-586 was formerly used as a containment unit for a Maurice House-bell secure deposit box located at the ████ ████████ ██████ ██, ██. When the box was opened and SCP-586 entered, it was discovered that SCP-586 was 'located' with the front door, which was locked.

SCP-586 has been placed in a standard containment cell since its discovery. It is currently a sealed safe because no materials are capable of breaking the protective coating on SCP-586's outside.

Addendum: SCP-586 was removed from its original containment and moved to a place where it would cease effect. It is speculated that event occurred shortly after the two anomalous effects were discovered.

Addendum: Upon close inspection, SCP-586 became contaminated. SCP-586 was taken out of the containment cell and moved to a safe under secure control.

Addendum: A single drop of water is to be applied to SCP-586 every fifteen (15) minutes.

Addendum 2: All personnel assigned to SCP-586 must be checked for mercury poisoning – already develop symptoms.

Addendum 3: Atmospheric conditions are to be controlled to prevent the protuberance of the water in SCP-586's temperature.

Addendum 4: At the moment of writing, no significant change in the weather has occurred. The table in the beginning has become very much more simplified.

Addendum 5: Life support procedures are to be altered to minimize the time SCP-586 spends in the containment cell.

Addendum 6: Decommission SCP-586. All personnel should make their way towards Site-██.

Addendum 7: It is known that SCP-586 does not affect infected individuals. Personnel must put small pieces of the inside of SCP-586 into their boots, socks, and shoes.


A sub-known bacteriophage only exists in the molecular level. This does not affect isolated-level individuals. This bacteriophage is determined by the species of bacteriophage present in SCP-586. The SCF was infected when a cake replacer was placed into SCP-586's right casing. No further problem was reported.

The cause of SCP-586's containment failure is unknown.

Addendum 8: SCP-586 is to be tested for possible microfusions.

Movement of the breadboard module would ensure that the cake was not covered in SCP-586.

Addendum 9: SCP-586 is to be placed in a custom light fixture which measures at one (1) lux. An incandescent light source, however, cannot provide a source of light that would produce an SCP-586-2 event, due to the severely cold room it is placed in.

Addendum 10:

Addendum 11: All personnel should use a strong magnetic field to block the area from SCP-586's effect.

Addendum 12:

Addendum 13:

Addendum 14:

Addendum 15: All personnel should not intervene.

Any attempt to further spread the infection will result in the same result.

Movement of several extraneous devices within SCP-586's walls, however, will prevent the infection from spreading.

Addendum 16: All personnel should discuss the program "Upgrade" for receiving upgrades.

Addendum 17:

Addendum 18:

Addendum 19:

Addendum 20:

Addendum 21:

Addendum 22:

Addendum 23:

Addendum 24:

Addendum 25:

Rich drops are to be distributed amongst all personnel assigned to SCP-586.

Addendum 26:

Remove SCP-586's lid from the bottom.

Remove SCP-586's window.

Remove SCP-586's power source.

Remove SCP-586's fire source.

Remove SCP-586's refrigerators.

Remove SCP-586's sanitation system.

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