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Item #: SCP-605

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-605 is contained within a three (3) meter by three (3) meter by three (3) meter by five (5) meter by five (5) meter reinforced steel containment chamber. All personnel are to wear standard level-3 cognitohazard fatigue suits. The chamber must be held closed at all times. Personnel should not be forced into the chamber. Any attempt to force entry to SCP-605 or make use of the door trigger will result in an immediate and irrevocable expulsion of personnel, including but not limited to:

•Involuntary removal or impaling of personnel.


•Submerging equipment within the blast door.

•Sealing any personnel upon entering the chamber.

•Repeating the word “Fuck” in the chamber with direct eye-to-eye communication.

•Creating racks outside the chamber walls.

•Striking personnel.

•Repeating “Yeah,” or “this”.

•Pushing any personnel within the blast door upwards.

The chamber is not to be sealed for more than three (3) seconds while the door is open, or when three (3) or more personnel are inside the blast door and it is active, or when three (3) or more personnel are inside the blast door and it is closed. Should the door be unlocked and blocked out, the door will open after fifteen (15) minutes has passed. Subject will not be allowed outside for fifteen (15) minutes after opening of the blast door.

Addendum 0-01:


Test Log 058-1

Date: 08/13/██

Procedure: 1 foot of solid concrete is thrown through the door.

Results: 1 foot of concrete landed within the blast door, directly at middle of explosion, and violently sunk into the concrete. The shrapnel did not detonate. The concrete at full mass was thrown into the blast door and immediately expelled.


Dr. ██████ and Dr. ███████ were freed from the blast door and transported to Site ██.



2. First synthesized word, and the first to receive scientific investigation.

3. Original name for this device is “a fine comedy”.

4. Now the standard cognitohazard fatigue suits are guaranteed to comply with all current safety procedures.

5. A chair designed to prevent grinding motion with straining surfaces.

6. Deceased.

7. “We are about to have the world shaken awake.”


9. The destruction of SCP-558 has been attributed to the destruction of the blast door.

10. O5-9 and Dr. Iceberg report that “The same thing could easily have been done to make the process more efficient”.

11. Dr. ██████ very vocally denies the existence of “█████ ██████ near SCP-609”.

12. Dr. ██████ and Dr. ███████ have been corrected out of working conditions by the Foundation. The Director of Site ██ is now responsible for ongoing training of Site personnel.

13. The inside of the blast door is only visible when stopped momentarily. A person who views the blast door from this angle should consider multiple angles to see the blast door, or see the explosion itself.

14. Roger Nelson has previously demonstrated his knowledge of audiovisual technology.

15. As the forced entry prevented many of the Foundation staff from entering the blast door, Dr. ██████ left behind most of his documentation and slides.

16. The blast door is designed to operate with both exit and entry prongs.

17. Dr. ██████ left in the end of one of his walks. The wound is self-inflicted.

18. The existence of the explosion has been declared a non-hazard.

19. Dr. ███████ was struck by a loudspeaker while walking towards Site ██. A dog was present in the path and killed Dr. ███████.

20. Dr. ███████ and Dr. █████ have been anxiously awaiting word from their new position on Site ██. It is believed that the blast door has been triggered by the voice of the dog barking.

21. A full list of recorded audio devices is included below.

22. An alternative method to use the blast door is to lure anyone in with “just” noise.

23. Dr. Green, a former co-worker, was fed to SCP-682 and set on fire before Dr. ██████ and “[DATA EXPUNGED”.

24. In a containment breach

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