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Item #: SCP-613

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: The 18th century schooner, utilized by the Foundation as a means of containment, has been stored in a low-empirical experimental preservation workshop at Site-13. The purpose of this workshop is to create new anomalous data-structures as necessary to preserve data for reference in the event of a containment breach that leaves SCP-613 unprotected.

The purpose of this laboratory is to recover data pertaining to SCP-613’s original date of discovery, and to determine the nature of its effects. Early attempts at using SCP-613 for research are considered to be unsuccessful; however, after many years of testing, the Foundation has synthesized a reliable and safe procedure, intended to instantaneously render SCP-613 inoperable, and link to it memory-instant memory-destructing psychotropic compounds.

All attempts to prevent reverse engineering of SCP-613 have thus far proven ineffectual.

Two personnel has been committed to work on creating a suitable subject for use as a test subject in reverse engineering of SCP-613.

The reaction time of the used compound is swift enough to eliminate the possibility of loss of containment.

In the event of a containment breach, SCP-613’s memory is completely wiped. The procedure is successful.

If, however, the compound cannot be synthesized, then the memory of SCP-613 will be completely erased from the world.

Contents of the effect of this effect are able to be recovered, although the nature of this effect is almost entirely unknown.

Addendum 620-01: SCP-613 was recovered in ███████, Pennsylvania. The existence of this location was confirmed during a mental health screening of Site-13’s personnel.

Addendum 620-02: In order to find the fortune obtained by the Foundation, the Foundation has been trying to find locations in places with thicknesses of at least 150cm.

Given the large surface area of Site-13, it was created with at least 150m of space around the base of the schooner plus a perimeter of at least two meters.

Addendum 620-03: Although Foundation historians still keep track of the existence of SCP-613, the Foundation cannot be certain whether such a vessel was created by the Foundation or if it is a historical construct made by an unknown party. This is simply because no known method of sifting or indexing information on SCP-613, nor are there any records of it evading records.

████, ██.██. 1927.

"Hello, doctor. I came down to give the doctor your business. I won’t say I’m your personal guard, but I think I’ll be alright for you to meet him."

█████ glanced at his watch, and at █████, ██.

"I’m actually going to head west before I die. Thanks doctor, I hope you will see me again soon."

████ walked to the schooner, held out his hand.

"How are you doing, doctor, dear doctor? I hope I’ll see you again soon. I’m about to embark on another adventure." He held the hand out, and he gripped, and managed to produce a single digit digit.

████. ██. 1927.

Forever in the dark, Robert E. Blanchard was a terrified man.


You are viewing a missing file, final exception to the file deletion rule.

Addendum 620-04: It was discovered by Dr. E. Blanchard aboard the schooner that it had been travelling west at the rate of a full kilometer per hour.

Addendum 620-05: Reportedly lost to authorities in San Diego, California.

Addendum 620-06: AIAD.jpg

The domain registration and rhododea.



Addendum 620-07: All personnel who result in using SCP-613 to acquire anything in the realm of possibility to its functions are asked to seek counseling from a member of their immediate family. They are reminded that they are responsible for any damages caused to their family by using SCP-613.

Addendum 620-08: The medical treatment of SCP-613 has begun.

Addendum 620-09: Following a woman’s death, the subject’s memories of their deceased mother/sister were no longer present, and less than a month later, the body was found in █████████, Pennsylvania. A suicide note was then found.

Addendum 620-10: After several months since the realization of SCP-620's effects,

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