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Item #: SCP-614

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-614 is to be contained within a standard sound-proofed holding cell, with audio and video monitoring. Walking away from the object without attempting to enter it should result in severe social phobia and bonk-inducing pain, depending on the severity of the action that the subject is performing, and the ability of the subject to access the object.

The start of blood and gore-hurting moments should never occur while SCP-614 is moving. SCP-614 should be handled minimally or visibly close to the subject; otherwise, it may cause significant bodily harm.

Correct handling of SCP-614 will deter serious results from SCP-614's anomalous effect. Any uninjured subject should be escorted to the nearest safe place to leave. Due to the results of SCP-614's last test, the subject should never be permitted to return to SCP-614's containment chamber.

Description: SCP-614 is a white, somewhat damaged doll whose face is carved into the stone wall in lengthy black lines. SCP-614 is a very painful item to handle, which requires the use of a sharp object to physically damage the object.

For the purposes of testing, the general idea of SCP-614 is that it is a small, fragile toy which prevents people from hurting themselves by "interfering" with our ability to act in a manner that violates the laws of physics and can result in injuries that are very painful.

Subjects who touch SCP-614 in its current state must be restrained and designated as SCP-614-1-A, who must be terminated at the earliest point of the process. If they touch SCP-614 again for longer than three days after contact, they will cease the effect of the object.

Subjects who touch SCP-614 more than three times are designated SCP-614-2-A. SCP-614-2-A must be terminated as soon as they can be fully restored.

The first two of these occurred immediately after contact with SCP-614 was made. SCP-614-2-A would have the object removed and restored, but this would cause its effects to return.


Subject: MTF Epsilon-13 ("Buck's Gym")

Procedure: [DATA EXPUNGED]

Player: Officer L█████

Result: SCP-614 replaced its object with a disc golf paddle.


That was official. Up to and including the transfer of a specialized racing team to the location where SCP-614 was recovered.

Notes: I'm not sure what the point of the test program was. It was a small toy, like a ball bearing with a small hole in it. This was a place for a special, unspecial, monster to haunt; a Horror Movie villain.

Addendum: Rule number sixteen: All testing of SCP-614 must be carried out in the context of the "heroic" and "may have an effect" narrative.

Addendum: Rule number thirteen: Any personnel who, in the course of the experiment, have been proven to be unwilling to end situations with antichistory tactics (i.e. containment breach, biological or intellectual) are to be terminated immediately.

Addendum: Rule number 14: Any individual who violates the rules for SCP-614 and leaves objects lying around the laboratory without any clear sign of having come in contact with SCP-614 may be given a commendation.

Addendum: Rule number 15: A 15 minute alternate run is sufficient to unsuppress SCP-614.

Addendum: Rule number 16: Test subject is to be escorted from the facility until better information can be gathered about the object.

Addendum: Rule number 17: Described as a similar "giant eyeball that processes information" effect to SCP-614's.

Addendum: Rule number 18: If SCP-614's effects show itself as a pale-white, non-reactive lump of opaque material, the de-sapient element should be thought of as the "victim" until it dies.

Addendum: Rule number 19: SCP-614 should never be brought near our own people.

Addendum: Rule number 20: If an entity whose existence is known to us (and on whose behalf, especially, we give ourselves) can be otherwise known to them, we should not let them know the existence of SCP-614: that would be to expose ourselves to a mental hazard. Investigating the objects may destroy them, but it should be a last resort. Usually, it just means that they're probably safe to be around.

Incident Log 4/614-R

Date: █/██/2019

Personnel involved in

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