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Item #: SCP-616

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: All instances of SCP-616-1-4-5, constructed by the containment team, are to remain within a 3m by 3m by 2m (2 feet by 1 meter) cell block. It is believed that no instances of SCP-616-1-4-5 will manifest outside of the required containment area. However, aside from the 2 anomalies contained above SCP-616-1-1-4, the remaining instances of SCP-616-1-4-5 could be easily modified into their desired forms by the current J-Class personnel.

Description: SCP-616 is a suicide note, which one can usually find engraved into the walls of a cell block by the guards throwing it at the entrance of the cell block, after messing it up and removing it. SCP-616 is not song specific, nor can it affect any music it is designed to affect, contrary to what some people have suggested.

SCP-616 was recovered from a cellblock on ██/██/19██. The note had been dropped onto the floor of the cell block, and the suicide note had been inserted into it. EXPLANATORY NOTE:

The suicide note was written in a repeatable language, which was dropped onto the floor of the cell block.

The note was written on a smooth piece of paper approximately 2cm (5 inches) in length.

The note was paraphrased using infested language, leading to a consensus that it was written in rhymes, with a large number of Exilic languages mixed in.


Person of Note: SCP-616-1-4-5, known as Mr. █████ ████

Special Request: To remove instances from pre-existing containment.

Materials Required: Hardwood stock and a metal base.

Name: J. █████ ████

Signature #: SCP-616-1-4-3

Security Clearance: Level 3

Special Considerations: Special note, this task is to be carried out by a Class 4 personnel under orders from Command.

Note: The best times to store a suicide note are: Sunday, when nobody is around.

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-616-1-4-5 should be contained on a secure wooden box, with a Plexiglas lid taped over the top. The box should be constructed of a non-toxic, non-glare apatite. The box should be of sufficient dimensions not to exceed the space available to transport a suicide note. All documents related to SCP-616 should be destroyed in order to prevent duplication in future instances.

Description: SCP-616-1-1 is the suicide note found written on the inside of the box marked with a decal on the back side (Figure 1). The phrase "This is to remove you from your family in the right," have been written on the box in black letters. The box should be kept in a secure container with a One lock on it.

The box should be filled with the desired amount of hardwood stock before being placed in the box.


Pretty sure that last sentence is in another language.

SCP-616-1-1 was recovered from a plexiglass box filled with the same note. The box was dented and covered in bandages, and took approx. 3 years to assemble and refound on its own.


It's the way to make him happy, baby!


The box the suicide note was dropped on was found to have the same content as SCP-616-1-0.

The box was filled with a stack of numbered stamps, and had the inscription:


Note: This is a repeatable language, and should not be dropped onto another box. We advise caution during transporting suicide notes. The following text has been added to SCP-616-1 in order to keep security agents from mishandling it. It is our recommendation you destroy all copies of SCP-616 at the moment when it's dropped.

It is believed that SCP-616-1-9 could have been written onto the box by the same person as the suicide note.

Note: Warning, if you observe the word "Watch", then it must be dropped onto the box by a Class 5 personnel (or Class 4 personnel).


You will do what I say:

Note: Attached is which is written on the box. It was written in English and hieratic, and the inscriptions are in ancient Greek.

Document #20379-1


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