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Item #: SCP-617

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-617 is to be contained within a 10 by 5 meter enclosure. SCP-617 must be activated by at least two (2) Foundation personnel in the 24 hour special-event story time course.

Description: SCP-617 is a rubber sphere possessed by an unidentified entity (hereon referred to as 'Subject'). When a human subject (hereon referred to as 'Subject') places themselves in SCP-617's reach, one (1) voice can be heard saying the phrase 'I wish so badly for the night For the love of God and I can only hope that's enough' followed by a brief pause. The current location of the voice is the 1,050m from SCP-617's closest point of contact.

The human subject must then proceed to the location the voice had been heard saying the phrase and make a stop at a corner of the floor connected to SCP-617.

An attempt to stop the subject by any force is futile because the delay of the voice is so short that the subject's responses cannot be understood without leaving their body.

SCP-617 was discovered following the tragic crash of a civilian jetliner of 100,000ft from a suburb of ███████,[REDACTED] to site a defense of the visa-free portion of SCP, and as it has been stated that, because of the unique way in which it can be used, the sound of the voice can be heard for the entirety of a 35m area surrounding SCP-617.


Excerpt from Interview Log


Interviewed: Junior Researcher L. K.

Interviewer: Dr. ████, assigned to SCP-617

Foreword: The following is an excerpt from an audio log recovered from an adjacent room of researchers. The following is a transcript of an interview between researchers L. K. and Dr. ████.

Dr. ████: Thank you for taking the time to answer our interview. I'm glad to hear you're doing well. Are you planning on going back?

Anna: Yeah, I'm going back. I've been checking in for them. The last one checked out after two and a half. I feel that was the last week I could sleep.

Dr. ████: Why are you taking the time to talk to me?

Anna: I wanted to know what it's like for the women. I can't even remember all my memories.

Dr. ████: Thank you for your cooperation safe-guard.

For further details, see document-617-breen.


Excerpt from Interview Log


Interviewed: W.

Interviewer: Dr. K.

Foreword: The following is an excerpt from an audio log recovered from an adjacent room of researchers. The following is a transcript of an interview between researchers L. K. and Dr. K.

Dr. K.: Take the time I have for you to tell me what it's like to see someone you love, and help me find them as soon as possible. They're going to be feeling lonely tomorrow.

Anna: I'll be fine.

Dr. K.: Wow. And you said it only made you happy?

Anna: I said it made me happy on purpose. It's the most human thing I can possibly do.

Dr. K.: Are there any other ways you can get your mate to understand you?

Anna: Excuse me?

Dr. K.: See that?

Anna: Excuse me?

Dr. K.: Excuse me please.

Anna: Thank you.

Closing Statements: Dr. K. is relieved by the words spoken and continues to explain it to L. K. After two weeks of continued questioning, the state of the subject decreased to one (1) and continued to increase as they were discovered later and more frequently.


1. In February 2021, SCP-617 entered containment, and then was removed.

2. 73% of subjects will come back, and the remaining 23% will leave.

3. If SCP-617 was attached for immediate transport it will remain attached for much longer than a few minutes.

4. Subject was not given a script for this item. A recording was played and is currently the only method of transmitting details of the script to the subject.

5. Note: Apparently, if any part of the subject inside SCP-617's sound is captured, it will resurface in an unknown location. The sound will still be projected outside of its current location.

6. This does not appear to be random. A recent study of 100,000 SCP objects years

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