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Item #: SCP-622

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-622 is currently uncontained and any attempts to contain the object are to be met with forceful resistance. However, three personnel (the author, the researcher, and a Class A and B amnestic are required to stop attempts at containment) are to be created and kept under strict watch. Any personnel interacting with SCP-622 should expect to be attacked, which, given the possible mental instability of the individual involved, could inflict serious injuries. This includes all other personnel, the subject, and any objects or entities associated with SCP-622.

Description: SCP-622 is a small modern-day building in ███████, ████, United States of America. SCP-622 is regarded as an abandoned storage unit for a dairy, and was used as such by the residents of the area. It had been dating for about twenty years prior to the redevelopment of the area.

Further information regarding SCP-622 is restricted to Level 5 personnel.

Extra-dimensional variation

SCP-622 is connected to a parallel universe located on Earth, which includes an ocean (the supposed origin of SCP-622), several species of dolphins, and the sea of ██████. The alternate universe contains a population of ██████ spaced evenly throughout the planet, and is theorized to consist of a large number of individuals living in the alternate universe.


SCP-622 was constructed as a construction of approximately three stories of a building on ███████ Street in ██████████, Alabama, before a construction company contracted by the city of ███████, providing them with materials for the construction of SCP-622. The construction company worked under contract until ██ years before the global war, where SCP-622 was completed. The building was abandoned for ██ years until the fall of ██████, causing the majority of the original population of ██████ to be relocated to the alternate universe. As the alternate universe is believed to be based on the ruins of a ██████████-style house and contains a similarly-constructed building, the alternate rose housing information security of SCP-622 is under surveillance.

Incident 622-1: On ████/███, field agents captured a downed wing-carrier (SCP-███) and completed the proper amount of damage to the building, which had been abandoned for about ██ years, resulting in the deaths of most of the occupants of SCP-622. The place suffered the same fate as the original residents of ███████, ████, United States, once it became a failure of the IWW.

Incident 622-2: On ██/███, a twelve year old boy was reported missing from ██████████. The boy's family managed to locate him five days after his disappearance and secured him into Foundation custody.

Incident 622-3: On ██/███, the office building ███████ had been constructed (the included building) using the building that had filled in the current SCP-622. The office was destroyed upon the discovery of the building, after which SCP-622 was re-built.

Incident 622-4: On ██/███, a local television station broadcast SCP-622's ending by channel variety unknown. As the event was broadcast within the SCP-622, several nearby D-Class were commended for the action of taking what they thought was a perfectly normal home and then constructing an alternate version of it. In addition, the office building of ███████, ████, United States of America was constructed from the wreckage of the office building ███████, ████.

The next three SCP-622 events were completely coincidental. This was confirmed by ████ ██████, a local historian.

Incident 622-5: On ██/███, the Building on ███████ Street was demolished and replaced with a nineteen year old, who died of natural causes fifteen minutes after the ending of the SCP-622 occurring.

Inspection of SCP-622 indicates that it has a built out of concrete and other materials, and has been carefully removed from the surrounding area. Only a single door can be found in the end of the building. The door to the office was found, and all other things are normal, including the furniture and walls of the office building.

Incident 622-6: On ██/███, a memorandum was noticed by Dr. Saxton, who requested that SCP-622 be built using the information it once held. This request was denied. The document appears to be a transcription of a letter, dated ██/██/2009.

Dear Father

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