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Item #: SCP-623

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-623 is to be contained at Site-███, and should only be brought into contact with any live mammal.

All personnel are to be aware of the effects of SCP-623. All personnel are encouraged to walk to a field and not go to a bar and thus require either different gin or vodka in order to drink. Under no circumstances should any personnel enter a bar, assuming they have any vodka to drink.

Description: SCP-623 flowers will be planted throughout a 5km array on the field at random intervals. This means that SCP-623's flower is able to grow anywhere; however, SCP-623 only grows wild on the field of anyone in a bar or bar, and does not grow in the same place every day.

SCP-623 has the ability to sing the song "The song is very loud in the breast of a songbird" to everyone within range. The song is a Latin operetta.

This is an unknown property of SCP-623. Additionally, nobody can hear the song or remember the compleatity of the song. This makes SCP-623 very difficult to observe. Usually only Pilgrims inside the choir will see anything unusual or anomalous.

2. SCP-623 is highly fragile, and will grow from any soft substance.

3. It will grow no flowers of different colour, size, or variety.

4. Except when planted near a woody structure, it will not grow in any terrain.

5. It is highly unusual for any wood being planted onto SCP-623 to grow up above them.

6. SCP-623's leaves are hairy and thick at the beginning. This is due to the fact that SCP-623 only grows wild on the field of anyone in a bar, bar, restaurant or bar, and will never grow beside it, above or below it.

7. SCP-623 exists on the field of anyone who walks to it.

8. All other plants are normal and non-anomalous in every other way.

9. SCP-623 appears to grow at a rate of 2cm/h per day.

10. SCP-623 grows at a rate of 3cm/h per minute.

11. SCP-623 flowers have a significantly higher incidence of false hairs.

12. SCP-623 flower branches and leaves grow around any object planted on it.

13. SCP-623 grows closer to the tip of any living creature.

14. SCP-623 grows near overly large objects, such as clubs, poles, cans or even PPE GEM.

15. SCP-623 grew at a rate of 1cm/h per second, so long as all three sides of it are directly under the plant.

16. SCP-623 cannot grow on grass, and will constantly grow in the same direction.

17. SCP-623's flowers can be eaten, but its leaves are very poisonous.

18. SCP-623 will seldom grow obvious fruit, because fruit has an appearance of different shape, size and colour. It will grow fruit at the tip of any plant to the plant's tip only.

19. SCP-623's leaves are highly poisonous.

20. SCP-623 grows in direct contradiction of what the plant grows. It grows in a clockwise direction. SCP-623 grows in a counterclockwise direction.

21. SCP-623 cannot grow on anything that is on its leaves.

22. SCP-623 grows on anything in direct contradiction with the plant. It will grow in a clockwise direction. SCP-623 grows in a counterclockwise direction, only growing in direct contradiction.

23. SCP-623 cannot grow on any of the plants grown by it, and will grow in a clockwise direction.

24. It will grow under any type of area except the field of the field, and will never grow in direct contradiction with the plant it grows on.

25. SCP-623 grows under any type of surface, except the field of the field, and will never grow under anything except the field of the field.

26. It begs any human that walks near it to sing "The song is very loud in the breast of a songbird" to it.

27. SCP-623 appears to grow and take up the entire surface area of any living thing, and will grow away from house to house, building to building to building, building to building.

28. SCP-623 has never been observed to remove artefacts, food, clothing, weapons, and other items from those that it grows on.

29. SCP-623 is very difficult to detect.

30. SCP-623 is extremely rare.

31. SCP-623 is extremely hard to digest.

32. SCP-623 grows in combination with Moran's hedge mushrooms.

33. SCP-623 is

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