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Item #: SCP-629

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: As SCP-629-2 is composed of copper, SCP-629 is currently contained in a standard storage locker at Site-41. Due to the impairment of SCP-629's anomalous properties, efforts are ongoing to recover and contain SCP-629.

Description: SCP-629 was identified as being located in a package in a woodshop in ███████████, ██, USA, which was taped to the floor, designed to resemble a kitten.

SCP-629-2 was located in a room adjoining the other three. It currently faces outwards from the rest of the room, and all attempts on closing the door or otherwise preventing discovery of SCP-629 from outside the room has been met with a perceived failure of SCP-629's effect.

SCP-629-2 has a pattern of facial features consistent with those of a human being. The only features consistent with the pattern of features are its makeup.

The exact function and function of SCP-629-2 are currently unknown, however it is theorised that it may ultimately be a construct, or collection of components, of some kind, or that the patterns observed so far were designed as a result of it. It is currently unknown if or when SCP-629-2 was made of copper or an alloy

The reason for SCP-629's anomalous properties cannot be determined. All attempts to breach containment of SCP-629-2 have failed.



1. Due to the wide range of anomalous effects observed, testing of the sample is forbidden at this time.

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