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Item #: SCP-632

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-632 is to be contained in a standard secure humanoid containment cell stacked 2m high. Inside the containment chamber, SCP-632 engages in an active state of self-defense against both breach and cleaning agents. If provoked, SCP-632 will jump out of the chamber and attempt to incapacitate the breach agents to prevent them from disarming it.

Description: SCP-632 is an ordinary, non-anomalous, 18 year old male human. It comes equipped with the standard standard equipment of its job, a substantial amount of money, a firearm, and a rudimentary melee weapon.

The sound of automatic weapons being fired can be heard from within the chamber when SCP-632 enters, followed by the sounds of hacking, and eventually, strangling, fighting. SCP-632 does not appear to regard the appearance of its personnel as a threat, only attempting to use them.

When SCP-632 is attacked by a breach agent, it will become hostile and use the firearm as a melee weapon on the agent of the breach, who has been identified as SCP-632's roommate, entering the chamber. SCP-632 will then begin using its own arms as the tools to incapacitate the breach agent before using them to attack the breach agent. The breach agent will then kill or injure SCP-632 with their weapon, leaving it to the breach agent or SCP-632. SCP-632 will then attempt to incapacitate the breach agent.

SCP-632 will then immediately exit the chamber, leaving only the sounds of a gunshot and a faint buzzing noise of the weapon. After a short range, the sound of gunfire can be heard. SCP-632 will then and in the process of using its hands to disarm the breach agent, will jump out of the chamber, get into the situation and begin approaching the breach agent, attempting to attack them with it. SCP-632 continues to target the breach agent for as long as possible, before returning to the previous position.

When the breach agent is killed, SCP-632 will then take the weapon, start setting off a chain reaction, and then perform a double murder, killing the breach agent by putting them through their head with the chain poised across the breach agent's throat.

The main body of the creature SCP-632 was made of is an inner layer composed of a clear and translucent material similar to glass, now containing water and other fluids. The formula SCP-632-2 is the same as the first foot of the creature. Prior to this, the Construct was smaller than a typical humanoid and its bones were solid, thus it was able to fit through inhospitable environments. SCP-632 used its arms to attack the breach agent with its hands to stopping the breach agent using its hands to kill the Breach agent. After recording the events of the murder with other Foundation personnel, it was determined that the means used to complete the murder were a firearm, which held about 95% accuracy.

When the body was found, it appeared to have no more than one gunshot wound. No sign of skin was found on either of the body's arms.

The process of creating SCP-632 was performed in an extremely straightforward manner.

The principles of creating SCP-632 were quite simple. SCP-632 was created in the same way as the Construct, but it was able to fit through any solid materials made. The Mechanism of SCP-632 was merely a matter of laying a multi-parted steel sheet of iron into a plastic bag, putting the sheet into the bag with the iron tile, and placing the bag into the structural components found in the Construct and finishing the steel sheet with the iron tile.

However, there was a minor detail that was lacking. SCP-632 is not able to 'see' the wall of any solid substance it is currently placed on, thus hiding it from any outward-facing cameras or cameras in the chamber. When placed on any material that would catch the camera's eye, SCP-632 seems to be invisible to any camera shared with SCP-632. It is theorized that this factor is due to the lack of light entering the "self" between SCP-632 and whatever its eyes may be capturing.

SCP-632 will then move into the material underneath and push against the wall. It will then shoot a bubble of magenta, or more accurately, amorphous magenta from its hands at the breach agent's head. The hole formed will then manifest in the breach agent's skull, and it will slowly leak magenta into it, slowly erasing the breach agent's brain using no physical means. The breach agent will have no idea that they are now inside a humanoid containment chamber. They will remain in this state for as long as SCP-6

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