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Item #: SCP-633

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-633 is to be contained in a low-consequence containment cell at Site ██. Mobile Task Force γ-33 "Aces In The Hole" has been ordered to contain SCP-633. As the Foundation has the most examples of properly-constructed SCP-633 instances within Foundation custody, containment of SCP-633 is not expected to pose any risk to containment.

SCP-633 should be shipped via regular mail or courier on a flat-pack, and should be in a lockbox from which it is to be replaced at all times. In the event of malfunction, an authorized member of Site ██'s IT team with Level 3 clearance must be placed within 10 meters of SCP-633's containment and sealed until it can be returned to its current position.

Description: SCP-633 is a security system installed within a single-room motel in ██████████, ██ in ████ ██. SCP-633 was installed with the aim of minimizing the chance of the system becoming operational. In its current weak state, SCP-633 possesses the capacity to change its alert behavior and was primarily used to locate inhabited rooms.

The property where SCP-633 was installed is the only known location of SCP-633 to actually function. The undiscovered casing of SCP-633 is completely resupplied by the current owner in four hundred and fifty days.

SCP-633 was presented with the following scenarios:

•One guest can enter the room without being identified, leaving the room undetected.

•One guest's presence is detected and enters the room without being recognized.

•One guest leaves the room unnoticed.

•Three guests are in and out of the room, holding onto the door, or are otherwise locked into a course.

•One guest is in the room.

•All spirits are at the window.

•One guest is in.

•All spirits are missing.

•No ghost remains in the room.

•Due to the magni-polar nature of the room, and the possible existence of SCP-633 in a spare room, the building has been designated Site ██'s Maximum Security

The three scenarios have been proven to be plausible. From zero, causality has been established.

Addendum 633-a: SCP-633 was initially transported to Site ██ on ██/██/████, with the intention of containing it. On ██/██/████, the system began performing its anomalous function.

Addendum 633-b: On ██/██/████, SCP-633 was dedicated as its own containment area. When SCP-633 was discovered on ██/██/████, Staff Sergeant ████ is listed as the last known user of SCP-633, as the last name was the same as the one he had in the hotel's name before he was removed from the system.


1. Anywhere from four to eight hours is usually enough to trigger SCP-633's anomalous effect.

2. This is because SCP-633 was anchored to the floor, and the floor, walls, and ceiling were unstable enough that it was tied to the ground and could be walked on.

3. The description of certain properties of SCP-633, such as the complete absence of daylight, the lack of any open space on the ceiling, the absence of a light source, and the presence of an air gap between the floor and the ceiling, was mentioned in several Foundation anomalies.

4. The visibility was restricted to five meters and the floor was 1 meter above the floor.

5. In the event of SCP-633 near a guest pool, SCP-633 is likely to be placed as approximately the reverse position to the one on floors above it.

6. In a rare case, there was no ghost in the room at all. The reason for this appears to be a coincidence, and it is not believed that the ghost remained alive.

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