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Item #: SCP-634

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-634 is to be contained within a 5m x 5m x 2m room. This room is designed to allow for one medium sized child to be admitted without arousing suspicion.

Description: SCP-634 is a baby crib, shaped like a small orange polysty. Cast in the shape of a tricycle, it is made of paintless wood and attached to a spindly sash around the child's head. The sash can leave over the crib by itself, leaving the crib roughly intact. There is no pattern on SCP-634, and it is not known how long the sash remains affixed to the crib trunk.

SCP-634 is capable of becoming animate, but its behaviors are always highly erratic and difficult to predict.

When a child (hereafter child) is exposed to SCP-634, they will form a residence on the back side of SCP-634. SCP-634 will then appear in the foyer once a child (hereafter child) is previously in a residence. SCP-634 will manifest in their residence, and begin forming a group of comically symmetrical structures. The structures will be identical to SCP-634, but will often be made of different materials. SCP-634 will attempt to create a separate living area for one living child at a time.

While the structures will be composed of paint and other materials, they will be entirely non-solid, and will almost invariably collapse into small pools of paint when they are formed. The pools of paint are usually created from the body of the child, spawn by SCP-634, conjure dropped paint into the crib, spray paint from the child's body, and then vanish. No child has ever been able to remove the paint from the crib, as per standard containment procedures.

Once SCP-634 makes contact with a child (hereafter child), they will animate into a non-structure, and begin animating against the child. SCP-634 will animate into a mock tornado, and will create several smaller tornado shapes and structures/mobs throughout the residence. These structures will frequently make the child's bodies nearly physically unplayable, and will spread paint from the child's body. Once the children have been inside SCP-634 and remain inside, SCP-634 will become very hostile. If a child is in the residence on SCP-634, they will disappear repeatedly and enter a physical fight, however, the child will often be beaten or killed. No child has ever survived longer than a week inside SCP-634.

SCP-634 was discovered after the death of a child who had lived in a residence with SCP-634. One day, █████ was found in his residence, and found SCP-634 on the roof. It was found that SCP-634 and SCP-634-1 knew each other for a long time, and one night, they knew each other. Experimentally, they formed a group, and moved out of the building.

Addendum: Document 634/1 - A Brief Coal Mine Incident

On ██/███/██, three months after SCP-634's discovery, the Foundation received an anonymous report of a girl's body being found in a mine in ███████, a major industrial city in █████. The mining unit had been shut down, and multiple alarms went off for ██ hours, which would likely have been unremarkable if not for the fact that the girl had been inside SCP-634 for two hours and four minutes. At first, Foundation agents were called in. Sensitive records showed that the girl had once lived in the ███████ Industrial Complex, and had been in a relationship with ██-██-██, a supervisor of that mining facility.

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