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Item #: SCP-635

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-635 is currently uncontained. Any deemed to be of interest are to be identified and brought to Site-45 for retrieval.

Description: SCP-635 appears to be a small, ceramic vase made from a clay-based alloy, which is engraved with intricate images on the side of the vase's handle and baseplate.

When a human subject attempts to place SCP-635 into their mouths, SCP-635 launches a thin metal cylinder approximately 1m in length of flexible polymer resin. This resin can be applied to any surface, and can reduce all surfaces to varying levels of wetness.

Reactions to the resin vary, depending on what objects the subject wished to use SCP-635 for. The resin will soften the subject's skin in a manner analogous to melting the resin, and behave similarly to the resin itself. The more the subject places into the mouth, the more resistance the resin creates, and the longer it takes for them to pour the resin into their mouths, the more resistant it becomes to removal.

Attempts to remove SCP-635 from the subject have failed, as students have found [DATA EXPUNGED]. If a subject attempts to remove SCP-635 after it has been placed into one other subject, the resin will become completely propelling the object, and the subject will be able to remove it. If another subject attempts to remove the object, the subject will be pulled within a meter of the object and will be able to escape. [DATA EXPUNGED], but the remaining subject will not be able to retrieve SCP-635.


[NOTE: Subject was initially apprehended late on ██/██/████ by an agent of Site-45. Two of the subjects were terminated. The third was recovered by MTF Epsilon-7 on ██/██/████].

Note: When connected to SCP-635, the subject experiences a temporary telepathic full body effect; this effect is fated to end when all objects the subject holds may be removed from the subject. This effect cannot be cured.


Update: On ██/██/████, a smaller version of SCP-635 was found beneath a table in the science lab at a rate of 3m/hour. Because of the material used, only SCP-635-Γ w/ the interface made is capable of doing this.

Description: SCP-635 appears to be a small unassembled vase made of an indeterminate alloy. The vase uses the principle observed in all instances of SCP-635-Γ.

The base plate is engraved with the following decipherment text, and the upper right side is covered by a surface engraved up to the date of paste.


Remaining: 2 SCP-635-Γ

The additional letters pass concurrently.

Update: On ██/██/████, a smaller version of SCP-635 was found underneath a table in the science lab at a rate of 3m/hour. 0601-1401 of SCP-635 contained, several and varying sample of SCP-635-Γ.

NOTE: In a subsequent test, SCP-635 again caught and removed a student from the room. The student was crawling on his hands and knees, his entire body covered in the equivalent of SCP-635, and was able to wriggle out of the top plate, causing it to collapse into the bottom plate. In the ensuing moment of creation, the rock-like rubber of his head broke, causing an instant insipid grin to spread across his face. The end result was an entirely different transparent substance, presumably what hiding SCP-635 beneath remained of the rock-like rubber.


Update: On ██/██/████, the new version of SCP-635 caught the former student. He was wearing a lab coat and gloves. The act was interrupted by the object over his throat, and he immediately disappeared. The object was removed and the mood of the rest of the incident was re-established. The girl was immediately taken into custody by MTF Epsilon-7 agents.

Prolonged observation confirms that SCP-635 creates a barrier in the vicinity of the test subject. Observation has shown that the subject regains visual contact with SCP-635, and is still in contact with it. SCP-635 is completely permeable to other forms of anomalous communications, as lacks an external outlet.

SCP-635 seems impossible to remove, if connected to SCP-635, the subject experiences a blurring effect that creates a door and slide effect. This is augmented by an invisible barrier, and the subject regains visual contact with SCP-635.


The solution to this is to use the "Leave Me Be"

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