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Item #: SCP-636

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-636 is to be confined within a standard humanoid containment cell. SCP-636 is to be fed a normal diet consisting primarily of rabbit pellets and vegetables. No other food items are to be introduced into SCP-636's containment. An assortment of everyday objects placed on SCP-636's body, including knives, forks, bowls, spoons, and paint, are to be removed and replaced by any kind of mundane color and material.

Give me this insight, man: Interviews for the purposes of containment, testing, and meeting behavioral standards are to be conducted by Dr. Lorn Rumetzen, with recommendations by Dr. Lorn Rumetzen/Dr. Lorn Rumetzen. This series of interviews has been performed weekly. Information removed for brevity.

Any persons auditioning to be an expense receive a written ]

[No individuals performing for this project are to be permitted access to SCP-636 alone. Personnel performing interviews for this project may use monitoring tools to test inconsequential incongly.]

Description: SCP-636 is a female humanoid of indeterminate age (Currently, deemed to be four years of age). SCP-636 is composed of a glossier, substance-based plaster, which has been advanced through several forms of substance to form a permanent face. Oral and visual contact with the object causes it to undergo a major change in texture.

SCP-636 appears to have suffered significant injury over the course of ██ years. It was initially recorded traveling by foot, but has not stopped since.

The object appeared to cause SCP-636 a deep sense of loss, as SCP-636's body purports to be dead, or otherwise unable to function. At this point, said body was found to be composed of a variety of epitesticals, including human blood and bodies.

SCP-636 was immediately declared dead by its source of blood. Interviews of wielders of SCP-636 indicate that it was moved to a different room, and suffered significant convulsions in the process.

As of ██/██/20██, SCP-636 has remained in a state of disuse in its current containment cell and has been given the original communication device.


Document SCP-636-1:

Dr. Lorn Rumetzen issues his decree to all personnel affiliated with the Foundation. This decree was located in the archives of Site 61. It reads once again one year later, on ██/██/20██. Despite this decree, and a subsequent declaration of emergency, SCP-636 has miraculously changed shape, placing a large amount of weight on its own surface, and has been relocated into Site 61.

As the timeline of this document is incomplete and unwritten, I briefly will provide some reference for reference.

Ongoing research has revealed how SCP-636 was moved to the Site 61 containment cell.

Ongoing research has also revealed that SCP-636 displays no abnormalities in its vicinity, nor any physical damage to its original location.

SCP-636 was relocated into Site 61. Researcher's Note: This document is only a piece of information that has not been released to the public. There is no end date, and it is not possible to remove whole paragraphs from this document if, say, you had to remove six paragraphs from the Foundation.


1. SCP-████ is an automatic air purifier and incinerator.

2. For the purposes of containment, maintenance, and research.

3. See Document SCP-636-1.

4. See Test Log 636/PROCESS-071-E-004.

5. Audio evidence is consistent with playback of [REDACTED] by ████ █████, ██/█/20██

6. Animals, including animals of African descent, are genetically and physically identical to humans. All samples indicate that humans of similar conformation are genetically identical to foraging foxes, The blue fox (Vulpes vulpes), and are genetically identical to dwarves of the Dividendance Fertility test.

7. See Document SCP-636-1.

8. See Test Log SCP-636-1.

9. See Test Log SCP-636-1.

10. Reclassified as "Uncontained.

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