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Item #: SCP-638

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-638 is to be kept completely contained in a reinforced secure storage unit, located in Site 9.

SCP-638 is to be fed twice twice daily, with Retreat factor: 20. All personnel should be informed that SCP-638 is a medication that is necessary in order to prevent his resistance to digestion.

Description: SCP-638 is a high-acid tablet of █████ brand, manufactured between ██ & ████ years prior to discovery. The tablet contains a crystalline protein which comes to each ovoid [DATA EXPUNGED]. The protein appears to be produced by the stomach, leading to concerns which prompted Site ██ to be funded to examine SCP-███'s writings.

It is believed that SCP-638 is a drug of unknown purposes; researchers working with SCP-███ are currently unable to obtain any information, or to test to determine whether or not the drug has been produced or made. SCP-638 must be taken orally, with an additional exception during Retreat Factor 20-█. One hour after use, SCP-638 begins to act as an acid, and this effect is only detectable under 0.4% concentration. Tape recordings and testimony indicate that SCP-638's effects are produced while in the stomach; while in the stomach, the substance rapidly dissolves away as the stomach empties.

In the case of another person being subjected to complications resulting from SCP-638, the person will have their stomach completely filled with a liquid worth at least 50% that of which any bodily function would normally be inhibited. This makes the subject able to walk normally, and will postpone both intake and excretion for 5-7 minutes while removing whatever would normally be unable to reach them due to its depth and position in the stomach. However, this period of time is reduced to only 8 minutes and 25 seconds; if the subject is in a different position in the stomach, the procedure will be overwritten.

Due to the lack of an alternative procedure to remove the contents of the stomach, these planterships are limited and harmful, but should still be considered only in rare cases.

It has been established that unless SCP-638 is used directly on a living human being, it will to retain its effects while in the stomach.

If the stomach receives a negative reaction to its effects, then it will be able to function properly for at least 5 minutes, without failure. If the person who used SCP-638 has no solid food available, the stomach will not fill up completely.

However, the stomach must be drained every 30 minutes, and should never be drained for longer than 24 minutes without intending to replace it.

•beputalous license obtained from a nurse. Must be signed by a nurse which has completed its course of therapy.

•Please be instructed to leave the place of establishment and seek medical attention.

•Be allowed access to your residence until it is emptied.

Precautions should be taken against bruising, wounding, exposure to disease or other bodily accidents, and misuse of SCP-███.

Resting time is limited. Any Passenger should be removed.

Claims of this nature are to be punished.

The Foundation currently has no way of using SCP-638 without the need for a sanitary contingency.

Addenda 638-1:

Recovery: Testing of SCP-638 was performed on 04/18/19██. The procedure was performed in middle of quarantine. The Procedure of SCP-███ was performed on 04/17/████, and the results were record breaking.

The following is the transcript of the tape recorded during the Procedure of SCP-███.

"SCP-638 has helped save the countless lives of Foundation personnel and researchers; the only drawback is that, when [REDACTED], we're all exposed to this shit. You can look at any room, any place, and you will see this shit. It's very hard for us to swallow it. We can't absorb it from our bodies. Our blood is thickened with it. It's nearly impossible for us to digest it.

"Fortunately, this is a very new drug, so we can live through this shit! The problem is that we're all exposed to it, and this isn't happening any more. Every Foundation researcher has a six pack of lime sodas sitting in their security data compartments when they go home. There's enough of it to run up to three-quarters of our blood in a second. And for all we know, on this shit, we could be putting ourselves out one-third more quickly.

"The consequence is that someone could be in serious danger, and if we swallow this shit, then we are all in a world of

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