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Item #: SCP-639

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-639 is contained in the Special Containment Locker at Site-12, with a temperature of -10C. No other containment personnel are permitted access.

Description: SCP-639 is a non-functional, non-anomalous open packaging system, otherwise identical to the normal packaging of the product. Reasonable care has been taken to ensure that the material is not dissimilar from the material of the product. It is also anomalous in that packaging materials used by SCP-639 do not exist on other normal packaging systems.

Excerpts from an interview with a intercepted factory worker relating to the anomalous properties of SCP-639:

Interviewed: R████ T█████

Interviewer: Dr. Corvino

Foreword: During an interview with local authorities, a shift in the environment at the factory was observed. The worker had previously been working in the main body of the moving machine; this apparently had been uneventful for the worker, who now had been replaced by SCP-639.

Foreword2: On August 19, 1952, R████ T█████ arrived at the factory, telling the worker to 'make a job out of it. I've got him in here.' The worker of course had no further questions, and placed the machine on a pedestal. R████ T█████ proceeded to immediately place the position of the worker sitting on the pedestal, and walked to the androids them selves and sat down as they did so.

The next day, R████ T█████ was seen approaching some of the workers, 'making a job out of it'. Over the course of the ensuing 48 hours, SCP-639 was installed, despite being useless for the purpose. A subsequent examination showed the traces of copper and iron that caused the anomalous effect had bound SCP-639 in place, producing an extremely tangle of bolts and rods.

Excerpts from a further interview:

Interviewed: D████ D█████

Interviewer: Dr. Corvino

Foreword: The following is an interview recorded in 2008, provided by Junior Researcher Corvino, with Dr. Corvino, stating the anomalous properties of SCP-639.

Dr. Corvino is currently the lead researcher of this project.


Foreword: The following interview was conducted in 1980. The source of the conversation between Dr. Corvino and Dr. Corvino is difficult to confirm, as it was recorded as being overheard by other workers.


Dr. Corvino: Mr ████████, can you tell me what you saw when you arrived at the factory?

Mr. ████████: I still don't understand what it meant, but I didn't know anything else that happened.

Dr. Corvino: If we don't know anything about this conversation, please explain.

Mr. ████████: It was an hour past my usual time. I'd been afraid to leave the place.

Dr. Corvino: I see. Then, what do you think you saw?

Mr. ████████: I think I remember hearing it loud and clear. I had been walking down a dirt road, but it was quiet. Like the quietest day we've had in a long while. After a while, I'm not sure if it was all what [DATA EXPUNGED].

Dr. Corvino: Could you be more specific?

Mr. ████████: I could hear the wheeze. All the way down towards the bottom. I must have missed it.

Dr. Corvino: Could you describe it more clearly to me?

Mr. ████████: Definitely. I remember it better than the factory itself. I look like the guy in the photo.

Dr. Corvino: You're positive?

Mr. ████████: [DATA EXPUNGED].

Dr. Corvino: You can't help it, █████?

Mr. ██████: You are supposed to help me. You must understand. If you don't, you will be blamed for the thing. You must understand. You must know. I can't understand.

Dr. Corvino: Secondly, please tell me of the original location of your interview.

Mr. ████████: As I mentioned, this place was all about the cleanup. I was in the factory, along with Mr. ██████. Is that a bit of a stretch?

Dr. Corvino: We don't have a specific location, but if it

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