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Item #: SCP-064

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-064 is to be kept in a standard containment unit at Site-███. Should SCP-064 display signs of extreme self-awareness, on-site mental health professionals are to be trained to monitor SCP-064's state of mind.

SCP-064 is to be kept in a standard humanoid containment chamber at Site-███. An audio recording system is to be installed above SCP-064. Any areas of interest to SCP-064 must be under the supervision of at least one Class II psychologist assigned by the head of the SCP-064 project team. Any violation of this order from SCP-064's staff will be rectified immediately; however, staff is allowed to "totally ignore" any such action.

SCP-064 will be tested every three weeks via the procedure outlined in Addendum 64-1. Following the test with SCP-064, staff can be sent in for testing with SCP-064. In the event of SCP-064's testing violations, it is to be moved into a special containment unit for repeat testing.

Description: SCP-064 is an artwork depicting the Death of Justice, created by the late Gerald the Tiger. It is written in blood and gore with extremely high sensitivity to the thoughts of the viewer, in the form of a sadistic, lampooning array of hate and hate encompassing all the worst forms of cruelty to manifest themselves within any human beings, and all the worst forms of cruelty to manifest self-consciously toward other humans. The author has claimed that the artwork was intended to be prophetic of the end of time and of the end of the world. It is written and drawn strictly in an artistic language of deliberate projection.

SCP-064's art depicts the fight of justice between the Justice Society of Justice and the Foundation. The Justice Society has the upper hand since the first rules of justice were created after the founding of the Foundation. The Justice Society is not in fact the Foundation, but the organization for which it created them; they operate as a group of would-be owners of a seemingly random assortment of ill-gotten gains, all of which appear to be based on using thousands of billions of dollars to behead and assassinate some person in the deepest darkest darkest hole in human history. The Justice Society is radicalized and despotic, not only morally, but also literally, and they consider themselves above reproach for their apparently endless thefts and bankruptcies.

SCP-064's artwork depicts violent clashes between the two groups in the early 20th century. In the aftermath of some of the most widely-known incidents of the Second World War, the Justice Society had just been officially restructured and reformed in reaction to a distributed, computer-powered militia. Its original leader, the frost-blooded Gerald the Tiger himself, had been raised as a terrier by a single woman, and had been a member of the Order of the Eternal Dragon for the most part. The Order had infiltrated the Foundation and become the dominant military force in the world.

The final time when the Justice Society did not complete their attack on the Foundation was in the first decade or so of the 20th century, when they finally managed to capture the Foundation's most powerful and forgotten weapons, which were made stronger by an occult power which had, at that point, not only become everything, but everything in its right place with out the creation of any kind of sense of self-preservation. Both the wound and claws of the Order were repaired at the ideal point in history for the entire country to survive and thrive. At the end of 1939, the Foundation was again at the edge of victory, fully funded from the wealthiest nation to ever exist, with one of its main weapons and components people heaving an offensive of unprecedented magnitude. The Main Forum opened its doors to meet the new Foundation, and in the years leading up to the end of the Second World War, a technology that had not yet been invented was created in response.

The divergent and seemingly contradictory nature of these differences become clear when the Justice Society and the Foundation physically meet in the first place. Fine details of the interaction between the two groups are so poorly kept that research analysts and historians have a hard time understanding the two conflicting sides. The Foundation is the base of the Justice Society's operations, while the Justice Society controls the Foundation's resource base. Neither side is truly in control, but they have significant influence over the other's resources, and it is through them that the Foundation has a relatively inflexible structure of its Foundation.

Addendum 64-1: On ██/██/1939, a committee was formed to examine the validity of SCP-064's statements. The committee did not refer any other Foundation members, with the sole exception of one person, a Russian orphan, diagnosed with schizophrenia and psychopathic disorders. The committee found the fact that SCP-064 was unable to explain its statements

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