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Item #: SCP-646

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-646 is currently confined to a standard "biohazard" containment unit, located in Site-333.

Description: SCP-646 is a human male, wearing surgical wear. The suit is composed of surgically-altered material, and has been inspected regularly for signs of wear. This is the first test need for SCP-646's containment.

SCP-646 is non-anomalous, and uses its upper body to operate a a kind of medical instrument. The implantation of the implantation device has been proven to be physically impossible, and accordingly, objects within the implantation device will have to be removed via Salt Flotting Act.

Observed effects of the implantation device are as follows.

•General onset of apparent pain.

•Interruption in blood tests.

•Hearing loss.

•A seemingly random category of noise.

•A glowing red area the size of your own face instantaneously appearing on any person, causing them to go in an immediate direction of apparent hostility.

•Cause of death of any person who enters this zone.

•Misaligned brain waves.

•Seemingly perpetually at high velocity.

•Animations of objects, vehicles and objects within a 5km diameter.

•Killing death.

•CaUS of death in people within 50km.

•CaUS of death within 15km.

•CaUS in every person within 150km.

•CaUS by injury from constant movement.

•CaUS by make-up. Wearing a clown costume.

•CaUS by eating food from the distal portion.

•CaUS by taking waste materials.

•CaUS by eating.

•CaUS by laborious or untimely collection of waste materials.

•CaUS by actual physical use of tools.

•CaUS by its own body.

•CaUS by any of many supernatural means.

•CaUS by, for example, drowning in a lake outside its containment.

•Incident Report: On ██/██/████, an instance of SCP-646-1 manifested outside what was believed to be a large, confined room, (See Incident Report 630-A) and directly addressed the center of Site-333. All personnel were evacuated immediately, and SCP-646 was secured.

Addendum-A: Interview Log-SCP-646-E2

Interviewer: Dr. █████████

Interviewed: Dr. █████████

Dr. █████████: Where are you at right now, SCP-646-1?

SCP-646-1: Abnormal.

Dr. █████████: Perhaps an accurate description, right?

SCP-646-1: Abnormal.

Dr. █████████: What does that mean?

SCP-646-1: You are inside yourselfscape. Am I correct?

Dr. █████████: Yes. You are inside the room and need your human tissues to return to you.

SCP-646-1: I am an abomination, and you are an abomination.

Dr. █████████: Well, I'm curious to hear your response.

SCP-646-1: Yes, of course.

Dr. █████████: You are inside yourselfscape, right. We're not going to do any bodily harm to you.

SCP-646-1: You are also an abomination.

Dr. █████████: I think we're limited by what we think.

SCP-646-1: You are also an abomination. Your body must be destroyed. You must be your own self.

Dr. █████████: Is there a logical reason to think that?

SCP-646-1: Let him die. I know you must take him to you.

Dr. █████████: What?

SCP-646-1: I know you must find him. He is a fool, and you know that. Take him to you.

Dr. █████████: Were you aware of any of the characteristics of your own self within the room?

SCP-646-1: You were using your body to bring.

Dr. █████████: Of course. Did you find anything by yourself?

SCP-646-1: You will know what I have found once I am satisfied that it is done.

Dr. █████████: I can't do that.

SCP-646-1: If you want to enjoy what you know. Show yourself what he is doing to me. Tell me what I will do to him.

Dr. █████████: I'm not going to do that.


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