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Item #: SCP-645

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-645 is to be contained in an anomalous properties containment chamber at Site 3. The chamber is to be examined daily by at least two D-class personnel. The result of any experimental process, including flooding of the chamber or starvation of any elements therein should not result in SCP-645's release. In the event of an SCP-645-S occurring, all personnel will immediately give up anything they have been holding and/or are capable of holding and attempt to throw it back. This is usually enough to result in the release of SCP-645.

Description: SCP-645 is a box of a blue, white, and green color. The label of the package reads "To Protect From Disaster", and the description of SCP-645 is redacted.

When an individual holds SCP-645 for more than five minutes, immediately after the individual's perception of SCP-645's contents are altered, they enter a lucid state. No other physical effects manifest.

After a period of three minutes, the individual enters a lucid state, and the box of SCP-645 is opened. It will then expunge itself.

Addendum: Four days after the box containing SCP-645 was opened, the box was found filled with a brown, white, green, and red color, respectively. Six weeks later, the box opened once more.

SCP-645 was contained on 20/05/1971, in a blane. The object is currently on Site ██, and is to be kept in a display box with a lock, for reasons of courses.

Addendum 645-1: Investigation of the item is to be conducted through research personnel (Researcher ████ was killed in action).

Addendum 645-2:

Foreword: The item SCP-645 was recovered during the purchase of a ████ restaurant in █████████, ██ on 19/05/1973, which stated that several of its boxes had come to life following a simultaneous event, and were either dropped into a vat, burned, or melted into a living skeleton.

SCP-645 was later found in a vat in ██████████ by the Foundation, and was under constant surveillance for the next three days. Testing on the item was suspended until D-class personnel were able to complete the actual process. The device was recovered on ██/██/1973, and containment was established on ██/██/1973.

Researcher ████ was killed in action during the ensuing assault on the facility by an instance of SCP-645-1.

It is unknown if the box possess any anomalous properties.


1. Statements from prior Reference Rooms suggest that these rooms do not change their contents upon closing.

2. No evidence of items within the box receding to the box's interior were found.

3. Test Log

4. Witnesses describe hearing a door slide shut, and a layer of metal overlaps a layer of other metals, which is suggested to be the mechanism by which SCP-645 is sealed.

5. Testing Log

6. Testing Log

7. Testing Log

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