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Item #: SCP-644

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-644 is contained at [DATA EXPUNGED]’s current location, which is located in a wooded area of ██km within Site-████████. Access to SCP-644 requires Level 4/644 approval.

Description: SCP-644 is a wood-shop located in what used to be a small shack in ██km. The central building of the property was previously occupied by a non-anomalous Victorian cotton merchant, Kurt Houghton, and the small front windows of the building's fourth story contain a single large windows, one boarded. The front door of SCP-644 was labeled “Kurt””, and the front wall of the property bears an inscription which reads “Kurt Houghton and Sons is a family business. We ship your order to subjects and will be happy to ship them to you at no extra charge.”

SCP-644’s interior has 156 fully-functional shelves, surface area of which is consistent with the sales volume of the broader operation of the property. The shelves all contain identical, tidy, standard-issue inner compartments. Even the shelves in adjacent rooms are of similar size and the volume varies slightly from room to room. The items appear to be identical to the ones concealed within SCP-644.

The walls of the building are irregularly shaped, and are completely covered in writing. The written name for the building is “Kurt”, and the words “He’s dead” and “Broken,” are written next to each other almost every time a door opens. The writing appears to have been drawn directly from the owner’s own handwriting, which is consistent with the nature of SCP-644's presence in its current setting.

SCP-644’s anomalous effect manifests itself when a subject, of any age, approaches the building and walks towards the front of the building. The subject walks directly towards the front of SCP-644’s entryway, and following this, approaches the front of the building by walking on the side of it. As they approach the building, the subject, along with the interior decoration and furniture therein, will begin to produce a sound very similar to the noise made by SCP-644. The subject’s footsteps will gradually become the constant echo of the sound produced by SCP-644, gradually fading into the background sound of the building and becoming indistinguishable from that of the building’s space. This sound will take the shape of a door opening and closing in a building, and the subject’s footsteps and footsteps will become indistinguishable from the sound of the building’s door opening and closing.

The sound produced by SCP-644 is referred to as “the “deadly sound”. Subjects have been noted to create it, and with their death, the sound will thus be called “the deadly sound”. The deadly sound cannot be heard except by the subject that created it, and without the subject’s presence, the sound will fade into the background.

There is no known way to retrieve the deadly sound, and it is impossible to induce the sound in the first place. Unless the person who created SCP-644 was in the vicinity at the time, as SCP-644’s interference has been logistically useless, the sound can be heard indefinitely. The sound is able to be heard by any living mammal, so it is possible for SCP-644’s sound to be heard even if no living mammal is present.

Excerpt from Statement of Lowest Security Clearance

[Security Clearance Level]

Addendum 644-A




Serial Number: PD-1141-2,

Owner Unknown,

Seller Unknown,

Factory Location (Foundation records indicate that the property was used as a factory prior to its demolition)

Owner Kurt Houghton

Foundation records indicate that Kurt Houghton was known to have resided near [DATA EXPUNGED]

Addendum 644-B


Excerpt from Speech Force Reconnaissance Log #1141-3


Subject D-3981

Personnel Present: Cost-Apportioned Personnel (See Expedition Log #1141-1)

The following is the first manned visit to SCP-644 since 1563.


Subject D-3981 had expressed an interest in the property for years prior. His asking price had been observed as low as -1,900,000. He was willing to pay anything 'for a piece of the show

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