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Item #: SCP-643

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-643 requires no special containment. Keep it in a small, locked safe, provide clear lighting of at least 11 lux, and in a secure room. It should not be dampened down to 0.1% by volume.

Description: SCP-643 contains a variety of anomalous objects and entities. These include, but are not limited to:

•SCP-643-1: an appellant to a bottle of water. SCP-643-1 is a red liquid containing a proprietary brand of organic and artificial rum. SCP-643-1 is totally opaque.

•SCP-643-2: a small silk inflatable rubber starfish. SCP-643-2 is invisible.

•SCP-643-3: A small trolley. The trolley flies to a distance of approximately 300m. SCP-643-3 moves toward the trolley and lands on SCP-643-1.

•SCP-643-4: A simulation of a shade. SCP-643-4 is transparent.

•SCP-643-5: A blinking blue lamp. SCP-643-5 is immobile. SCP-643-5 is inanimate.

•SCP-643-6: A general idea. SCP-643-6 is a sheet of paper, between 19cm wide and 15cm high.

•SCP-643-7: A blackboard. SCP-643-7 is responsive to human speech. However, its composition is heavily redacted and difficult to read.

•SCP-643-8: A standard mechanical typewriter. SCP-643-8 is marked with the logo of J. Crew manufactured at the time.

•SCP-643-9: A portable home stereo system. SCP-643-9 is capable of producing three identical, monochromatic sounds of unknown composition.

•SCP-643-10: A wooden counter. SCP-643-10 is occupied by a young man with no teeth, who is unable to speak due to an unknown disease.

•SCP-643-11: A 3cm metal circle. SCP-643-11 is invisible.

•SCP-643-12: A mask. SCP-643-12 is made from the human face.

•SCP-643-13: A decorative model of a dragon, which is also completely immobile, made out of aluminum.

•SCP-643-14: A hard plastic statue of antlers. SCP-643-14 is immobile.

•SCP-643-15: A laser sword. SCP-643-15 is bisected into its two halves, outfitted with a laser pointer.

•SCP-643-16: An assault rifle, compatible with all modern AR-15 rifles. SCP-643-16's shooting range is at least 300m.

•SCP-643-17: A brass shotgun. SCP-643-17 fires a bullet every two seconds in the direction of SCP-643-16's position.

•SCP-643-18: A cactus, built from steel. SCP-643-18 is one of several anomalous forms of cactus. The cactus is able to move at 60km/h.

•SCP-643-19: A transparent transparent tube that is vented through holes in the floor. SCP-643-19 is immobile.

•SCP-643-20: A pink rubber ball. SCP-643-20 is capable of stunning anything that attempts to come within 0.2m of it.

•SCP-643-21: A pump. SCP-643-21 is able to be used to pump a bucket of water. It costs 0.25 times normal amount.

•SCP-643-22: A 6cm copper pipe. SCP-643-22 is translucent. SCP-643-22 is the only source of light, but cannot be used to detect natural light sources.

•SCP-643-23: A large, transparent glass tube. It is the source of all ink.

•SCP-643-24: A hollow steel tube. SCP-643-24 appears to be an internal system, containing multiple channels and electrical wiring. Sublamination of the tube by corrosive liquids and acid destroys the inner membrane.

•SCP-643-25: A 7cm glass organism. SCP-643-25 is transparent.

•SCP-643-26: A similar glass creature with no external of any kind.

•SCP-643-27: A 7cm glass plaything.

•SCP-643-28: A toy drone.

•SCP-643-29: A small helicopter.

•SCP-643-30: A toy helicopter.

•SCP-643-31: A small replica of a radio tower.

•SCP-643-32: A satellite dish.


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