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Item #: SCP-642

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-642 is to be kept in a locker at Sector-19 with adequate ventilation. SCP-642's propane torch should remain in the containment chamber at all times, with the lid pulled open at all times. An appropriate length of wire to hold the torch is to be kept in the containment chamber; SCP-642 is allowed to click its way out of the top lid. The top and bottom of the torch should be inspected when in testing as it is too far out and may be damaged. Additionally, subject should never be left in the containment chamber without its contents examined and treated.

An electric valve is to be used to prevent the lid from being opened unless necessary.

The glass of the top lid should be examined for signs of wear, and even then checked again to ensure that no item has been left in the containment chamber. Any items left in the top lid will avoid the threshold.

Not more than two staff members are to be present within the cage when SCP-642's lid is closed. Any staff meeting this requirement will be liable for disciplinary actions.

Description: SCP-642 appears to be a standard 4-door hatchback hatch with most of the components of a standard starter home, albeit designed for the most modern style.

SCP-642 opens and closes automatically most of the time, without displaying any other anomalous effect, and drains all power in the control system through the use of its door closure mechanism. When the key is engaged and locked, an unknown number of doors (presumably connected with the main frame) appear as a doorway. Upon opening the main frame, more doors appear in the top chamber, and the top lid retracts and opens again.

Approximately a quarter of the property of the main frame connects to the inside of the main body, with a screen of nearly 400 square yards surrounding the main frame's windows and doors. The interior is gravity-resistant and can be sealed via nearby machinery, a feature which is currently unknown.

The interior is divided into four primary compartments:

•One industrial load: possibly:

•One commercial load: possibly:

•One commercial load and cargo hold: likely:

•One industrial load and cargo hold, and perhaps:

•One commercial load and cargo hold containing not-quite-normal items: solid, liquid, gasses, liquids, and gases.

•One commercial load and cargo hold containing not-quite-normal items: only part-of-world animals that could care less about knowing where they came from, and technically untraceable.

•Two, possibly:

•A truck or something like it: probably:

•A boat, or something similar: likely not:

•A specialized device used to raise or lower the ground level of the main body: likely not:

•Static electricity discharge: probably:

•A charging unit: likely:

•A pump or something: likely:

•Everywhere else: safe to open anyway:

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