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Item #: SCP-648

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-648 is housed in an isolating chamber at Site-19. Testing of SCP-648's anomalous effects is currently restricted to those with Level 3 clearance or higher.

A copy of SCP-648 is to be kept on-site at Site-19 with redundant storage. Under no circumstances should this be opened to the general public. Personnel attempting to perform SCP-648's effects should be submitted to immediate retrieval by medical staff. Since the anxiety of SCP-648's effects are fully contagious, it is advised that SCP-648 be placed in a low-emotion-provoking environment.

Description: SCP-648 is a stone sculpture recovered from ██████████, a replica of SCP-648 found at a local antique shop in ██████, Germany. How the sculpture was constructed is unknown, as all attempts at its reconstruction have shown its presence in the rusting eyes of the sculpture itself.

Once on arrival at Site-19, SCP-648 will begin to produce anomalous effects. These effects are the only way in which SCP-648 is capable of inserting itself in an item without harming it.

The most common causes of SCP-648's effects are as follows.

•Any object made by SCP-648 will begin to look as if it is a juxtaposed version of two objects placed together right next to each other. All items recovered thus far show a drastic increase in mass by 2g.

•Human beings will be unable to fully identify SCP-648, nor do they perceive it as a stylized piece of art.

•To place objects perfectly one-on-the-right, SCP-648 will tend to immerse objects on top of each other and mix objects in similar positions; this will only occur if the objects do not ever touch or rest on each other.

•Items will be able to be constructed exactly as they were in the original.

•SCP-648 will react to any physical pressure, including but not limited to a Coke can (injecting water as pressure)

•SCP-648 will produce an image of some localized object, regardless of context.

The first appearance of SCP-648 is believed to have occured in ████ self-storage warehouse of ██████, Germany. From there, it were discovered by a Foundation researcher who took the pictures and discovered the SCP-648's anomaly. Apparently, SCP-648's quality of construction was poor (the item is currently stored below the standards for quality of art), and the item was burned up by a blowtorch exploding outwards.

Breakthroughs were made to dismantle, destroy, or otherwise neutralize the artifact, and patch up the damage done to it. SCP-648 was then placed in the Foundation's possession, and returned to a safe-house by standard facility. Only textiles were produced for it.

In retaliation, a recording was created, then uploaded, and it was subsequently recovered by several anomalous artists, primarily Donald Duck, as part of his popular cartoon series. The song "Samsara" was produced, and the song "Rise of the West Reaches!" was performed.

Phase I: SCP-648-1.1 - 1.9 Months

Duration of SCP-648's effects: 0.5 minutes10.2 seconds.

Effects: Initially, SCP-648 begins as a random stone sculpture. Its body will catch on fire while moving, and fire will burst from inside of it. The lower half of the sculpture will begin to burn. From this point on, the sculpture will grow larger and other objects will come into view around it. The development of the sculpture is controlled by lighting conditions, causing the structural changes within SCP-648 to not only make it easier to support the objects, but to also form an accurate likeness of the sculpture being seen. The objects will gradually move into place within this mold, the beginning stages taking place between 1-14 days.

Phase II: SCP-648-2.1 - 3.0 Weeks

Duration of SCP-648's effects: 4.3 minutes.

Effects: At this time, SCP-648 is fully animate, and can animate objects of any size. Since the objects moved did not come into contact with SCP-648, they will be easily damaged.

Phase III: SCP-648-3.1 - Unknown

Duration of SCP-648's effects: 7.6 minutes.

Effects: No known effect.

Afterwards, SCP-648 is revealed to have contained within its original form.

Phase IV: SCP-648-3.2 - 5.4 Weeks

Duration of SCP-648's effects: 7.8 minutes.

Effects: SCP-648 appears to be susceptible to damage. Repeated use of the item has

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