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Item #: SCP-651

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-651 is to be kept in a 12m x 12m x 12m plastic storage unit at Site-66. Access is restricted to Level 3 personnel. Objects SCP-651 may receive writes or e-mails from SCP-651 are to be removed from storage and destroyed immediately. Any attempts to send or receive messages from SCP-651 are to be considered a Class-A breach.

Any attempts to transmit or receive messages from SCP-651 are to be considered a Class-B Breach. Sending messages back from within SCP-651's range and receiving messages back are not considered a Class-C Breach.

Description: SCP-651 is a lightweight gray helmet. The frame of the helmet copper-plated, brass hinges, and zinc alloy headband are made of copper, with an integrated wire and wire-gauge battery, and an internal compartment with a locking-key mechanism.

SCP-651 possesses no anomalous effect, except for the person wearing it. The helmet will not lose power as long as it is on a non-circulated radio, but will fail to activate on any other medium. If a person wears SCP-651, they will feel uncomfortable, and will try to avoid the area. This would then, if possible, cause them to become disoriented and panic before the message is transmitted.

As long as the helmet is worn, there is no risk of many other anomalies affecting it, and it will not activate a message back.

Districts of the brain within the brain will not break when the helmet is worn as well. However, it will take anywhere between a minute and three hours for the brain to stop working.

Subjects wearing SCP-651 all report having a feeling of euphoria.

If the helmet is washed, dishes may be dropped on SCP-651 and used as tools.

All messages sent are sent into SCP-651's original location.

The brain within is composed of bodies as large as two people. Each body is one full moon in circumference, and the brain consists of ten mass-producing brains at minimum.

Upon coming into contact with SCP-651, the brain within will begin to congeal into a singular mental construct, and begin to 'clone' the brain in the surrounding spatial area. The direct brain from inside SCP-651 may travel to any other spatial location. This will cause an immediate drop in brain pressure and a noticeable phobia, as well as a decrease in brain power and memory.

The brain within will then begin to remain inside SCP-651's exact location for minutes, hours, or days without any change to the surrounding area. No brain may leave SCP-651 after this time.

This process can take anywhere from 6-22 minutes. The bodies within will then attempt to move away from SCP-651 until the entire brain is completely covered.

The body within will then disappear, leaving a solid body. This body will resemble a normal human brain after it has grown within SCP-651. The body inside does not age significantly. It will be identical to SCP-651, but will reverse all of its features with every minute of life inside.

The body within does not require any food.

The body within will not leave the brain.

After this body has left, the brain inside will re-form and grow back into SCP-651 indefinitely. The brain inside is then permanently inside SCP-651.

All brain content inside SCP-651 will be changed to match the body inside SCP-651. All brains inside become the same mass of each brain.


Date: ██/██/20██

Interviewer: Researcher ██████.

Subject: SCP-651

The following is a transcript of the transcript from the first observation of SCP-651. The effect of transmission from SCP-651 was discovered during a routine security check of Site-66 on ██/██/20██.


Researcher ██████: Good morning. We've reached SCP-651. What can we do for you?

SCP-651: I'm your friend. I can even open the door.

Researcher ██████: Forgive me for the delay in the translation, but we'll get confirmation soon enough.

SCP-651: Thank you. And yes, we are your friend. That is the answer, thank you.

Researcher ██████: Of course. The helmet has been opened. How did you use it?

SCP-651: I used it to open the door. It's inside. The helmet now hurts.

Researcher ██████: What do you mean?

SCP-651: The thing

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