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Item #: SCP-650

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-650 is to be secured in Camera Block III, with all test subjects and personnel assigned to SCP-650 presently under monitoring.

Description: SCP-650 is a six (6) meter tall tripod mounted on a black tripod strap. SCP-650 is three (3) meters tall and weighs sixteen (16) kilograms. SCP-650 is an iron tripod, with a polished copper eye grinder in place of a handle.

SCP-650 consists of a frame, an armature, a tripod, an eyepiece lens, and an eyepiece lens. This assembly is mounted on a black tripod strap, which is connected to the tripod and armature by two (2) rubber straps. The armature consists of a circular disc with a helium-filled bore connecting the two sets of legs.

SCP-650 is covered in a white protective cloth, and has been enclosed by a double (double) layer of fume hood. This protective cloth is composed primarily of glass.

SCP-650 must be moved down to a position directly underneath the armature whenever the second set of legs is in contact with the armature. This position must be moved down to approximately mid-air and then away from the armature when the armature is still in contact. When the armature has been moved between each set, SCP-650 must be moved at a constant 10 (10) meters per hour rate.

Document 650-2:

Dr. ██████ (pseudonym)


Dr. ██████ used to be part of one of the first teams contracted by the Foundation to explore SCP-650. He was a runner-up in several medical contests, and was the subject of several scenes in particular, as the autopsy of a human subject and the disturbing autopsy of a dog.


[Begin Log]

Dr. ██████ is led to his chamber by a muscular, five (5) metre tall, fish-man-sized humanoid wearing a swimsuit. He demands his own way to be placed to the armature. Dr. ██████ meets this demand with his hands.

[Closing Statement]

Dr. ██████ drags Dr. ██████ away from the armature, and attempts to extinguish the armature with his palms, but it has dissipated. The armature is now covered in a thick layer of fume hood, with one half of the armature trapped in the mouth.

[Dr. ██████ gets to his feet, and holding the armature has moved it from his hand. A dust filled bag is nearly one (1) meters from the armature. He stands over Dr. ██████, and wraps his arms around the armature. Dr. ██████ screams.]

Dr. ██████: You should be dead.

Dr. ██████: I don't know what you bugged me.

Dr. ██████: All I wanted to do was help.

Dr. ██████: I told you to help me.

Dr. ██████: I didn't tell you what I did! [SCP-450 appears in a nearby room, and is flailing.}

Dr. ██████: I…"

Dr. ██████: What?

Dr. ██████: The armature?

Dr. ██████: I mean, the armature was there…

Dr. ██████: No, that wasn't right.

Dr. ██████: I saw the armature and the armature was there…

Dr. ██████: I was inside the armature!

Dr. ██████: My armature was trapped in the armature!

Dr. ██████: Yeah, I remember that.

Dr. ██████: Once I was able to get near the armature, I turned around and…

Dr. ██████: I can't fucking remember.

Dr. ██████: I turn around now to find it's still there!

Dr. ██████: No! Hey!

Dr. ██████: I turn around and I see, and this is important! I'm not going to be alone!

Dr. ██████: What?!

Dr. ██████: I can't think of anything!

Dr. ██████: I do to my death what I did to you to me! No, I'm not going to give you food or water!

Dr. ██████: I'm going to…

Dr. ██████: I can't think of anything! Please!

Dr. ██████: It's all right. It's

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