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Item #: SCP-656

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: A single instance of SCP-656 is to be contained in a small electromagnetic confinement unit in Site-██'s classification Star quest.

Description: SCP-656 is a black, oval-shaped pinwheel manufactured by ████, ████ ██████. All of the other instances of SCP-656 are non-anomalous, and are currently contained within standard housing in edge-of-death research by Dr. ███████. After Einstein's theory of General Relativity was made in 1929, it was theorized that SCP-656 was created in ██████ ██████'s home. The existence of this information was first noted by Dr. ████ ██████ after a lecture by Dr. ███████ on the meaning of General Relativity.

The object is found to be identical to SCP-656. When subjected to a certain force, SCP-656 instantly transforms into a pinwheel. The amount of force experienced by SCP-656 is equal to the difference between the force and the force received. The rate of force to initiate the transformation does not change, and the rate of force to initiate the transformation increases according to the magnitude of the force.

When the force experienced by SCP-656 exceeds the force taken by the pinwheel, newly created SCP-656 cannot be feasibly created. SCP-656 remains inert once a force has been experienced by the pinwheel.

SCP-656-1 is the designated "personnel" of SCP-656. SCP-656 nothingness is created during light-years from the SCP-656 instance.

Individuals that are currently active as SCP-656-1 experience an instantaneous loss of consciousness, and then lose consciousness completely. Self-awareness (including consciousness) is subject to instantaneous loss and re-assessment; the process is reversible only with the physical death of an individual.

SCP-656-1 will naturally disappear upon reaching light-years from the SCP-656 instance after the initial transformation, and reappear if disassembled and reassembled. Any objects trying to impede this process will be repelled, or at least dismembered. Graffiti caused by SCP-656 will be erased by SCP-656-1.

Addendum 1: After three hours of exposure to light-years, all instances of SCP-656 will cease to be.

Addendum 2: Due to SCP-656's effect on consciousness, once SCP-656 has been breached by a humanoid, any knowledge of the individual that last interacted with SCP-656-1 will disappear.

Addendum 3: Upon encountering a person, SCP-656 will be forced back into SCP-656-1.

Addendum 4: All instances of SCP-656-1 will disappear for a period of approximately three (3) hours, and the SCP-656 instance itself will re-make itself. At this point, contact with it is impossible.

Addendum 5: Upon reading SCP-656, or speaking with it by speech, all individuals within light-year from the instance will cease existence.

Addendum 6: After four (4) hours of exposure to light-years, all individuals within 5 light-years from the instance will disappear.

Addendum 7: After seven (7) hours have passed, all individuals within 1 light-year from the instance will disappear.

Addendum 8: Following the activation of the counter-meme (Writing), all SCP-656-1 instances will disappear.

Recommendation: All SCP-656-1 instances have been reconstituted into new instances.

Addendum 9: Due to its special nature, no life-signs are detectable. All SCP-656-1 instances were destroyed immediately after activation.

Addendum 10: Exploration log:

Date: 21/11/19██

Object Class: Euclid (MOA)

Special Containment Procedures: MTF Epsilon-Zero ("Growers") is to be deployed on the surface. All research teams are to be reassigned; one researcher is to be on duty at Site-██ on most days. All other personnel are to actively pursue any potential SCP-656-1 instances on site.

Description: SCP-656 is a black, oval-shaped pinwheel, designated SCP-656-1. SCP-656-1 is small, and might be seen in the distance. The anomalous properties of SCP-656-1 are spread throughout SCP-656, preventing it from rendering contact. Receiving light-years from the SCP-656 instance causes no paranormal effects.

An unnatural presence (Euclid) can be felt near the SCP-656 instance, and if able to render SCP-656-1 (or any humans who may interact with it) to a location 1 light-

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