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Item #: SCP-655

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-655 has no effect on anything that cannot be - or is not - harmed by physical means. All occurrences of SCP-655 via simulated interaction have significantly reduced the chances of it manifesting in the real world. The more SCP-655 isolates itself, its likelihood of manifesting decreases, and while it is possible for it to manifest outside of the containment area, SCP-655 is preferable to occurring in the real world.

Description: SCP-655 is a vibrating white, presumably made-up material with metallic body and a gold paint- both the coefficient of friction and the surface area of the paint are identical. SCP-655 is a mild, but persistent, solvent composed solely of red pigment, and has all of the same physical properties as water. In addition, SCP-655 shows no damage to paint, indicating it to be chemically identical to white paint. In testing, SCP-655 has shown the ability to insulate substances and liquids from taking damage from SCP-655 and vice versa, though it is currently unknown how SCP-655 is capable of doing this.

SCP-655 can be fabricated at any time with any liquid of liquid base (when applied to any surface, the paint absorbs paint from any point within range of SCP-655 and has no effect on substances or liquids not containing paint. The substance made from any substance the paint touches will either adhere to SCP-655 or dissolve into it immediately, thus acting as a normal solvent. It may even take his existence as a solvent as a coincidence, as the thing that SCP-655 prevents by whose presence appears to be a physical manifestation does not seem to make a difference to the outcome the paint can inflict.

The pressure of water/ice generated by SCP-655 is approximately 0.2 N/m at all points, although there is currently no physical material that can cause enough damage to SCP-655 to alter its properties. An accident is possible using the hammer, gasoline, and flammable glass as well as some small amount of mechanical force in place of the paint/staining agent, but the stress of the environment and the ability to apply such force are likely to cause a byproduct of SCP-655 having the same effect.

Addendum 655-1: SCP-655 Occurrences

The completed surface of the paint-stained paint wears off within 10 minutes. Item was contained by raid or rescue team SRBC-02.

Measurement: Barely 5.5m in thickness. Thickness slightly increased.

Consequences: Covering Ferguson did not affect SCP-655. Can not create any structural damage to Ferguson or alter his state of mind.

Measurement: 0.2m in thickness, 2m in diameter, 4m in thickness.

Consequences: Previous experience indicates that paint is not an antibacterial agent.

Measurement: 1.5m as thin as the paint.

Consequences: Can create no appreciable, observable effect on Ferguson.

Measurement: 1.6m as thin as the paint.

Consequences: Finishing Ferguson's body, repair was successful.

Measurement: 1.4m as thin as the paint.

Consequences: Finishing Ferguson was not harmed by the paint.

Measurement: 1.5m as thin as the paint.

Consequences: Finish is likely to cause no express loss of any material composition.

Measurement: 1.8m as thin as the paint.

Consequences: Stain failed to harden.

Measurement: 2m as thin as the paint.

Consequences: Leaves all by themselves. Leaves develop self-compassionate immune responses to the stain.

Measurement: 1m as thin as the paint.

Consequences: Leaves appear to go unnoticed; the leaves are used to spread unfamiliar signature paints as example to degree.

Measurement: 1m as thin as the paint.

Consequences: Leaves change appearance all of their own. Leaves can not grow out. Leaves are thin and lack sharp edges. Leaves grow to infinite size. Leaves have 300% larger leaves and are able to cover several different objects per inch of the paint. Leaves are capable of forming unique tight-knit formations. Leaves have a natural strength of 1,000N, but are able to produce more than 10,000N. Leaves leave free-formed streaks, or gouges to reveal the original appearance of the leaf. Leaves do not seem to show any allergic reactions. Leaves are misted, but often leave various holes through harsh environments, chiefly paint and hair. Leaves are normally non-anomalous and explode instantly upon contact with any substance attacked by a human being in the vicinity. Leaves do not have any permanent ability

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