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Item #: SCP-654

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-654 is contained in standard Procedure 2442-Sigma-2. In the event of a containment breach, Procedure 2442-Sigma-2 minimizes casualties and property damage to the anomaly in question or mediates negotiations. In the event of the SCP-654 breach resulting in a breach of Procedure 2442-Sigma-2, all available instances of SCP-654-1 are to be recovered and diverted to Site-17 for research, in addition to monitoring the effect of mycological agents upon SCP-654-1.

Description: SCP-654 is a living creature composed of living tissue (SCP-654-1) and can digest organic and inorganic nutrients and waste products. The size of SCP-654 is approximately 180cm in width, but the skin is fully animate and capable of movement. SCP-654 is able to fashion a form of "psychic writing" by pressing against the external surface of its head. SCP-654 also uses its mouth to communicate in speech.

SCP-654 is hostile to all individuals who come in contact with its body, causing severe injuries unless it can reproduce. SCP-654-1 appears to take the form of a female, similar to the physical appearance of SCP-654. SCP-654 will be replaced by a 70-character poem in "Roman-comparable" script, in the form of a psalm.

SCP-654-1 can form into an abstract or semi-sentient shape, capable of variation based on the size of SCP-654. SCP-654-1 is able to appear in complete anonymity, but will be encountered if it can be disturbed. Attempts to remove SCP-654-1 have been unsuccessful.

After SCP-654 is born, SCP-654-1 will begin to transform into an entity resembling SCP-654. It will then grow into a full body resembling SCP-654 and a solid solid mass over its entire mass. The body will begin to stretch towards the eye, then elongate to the eye and then extend to the eye itself. The eye will become white and eventually implode. SCP-654-1's eyes will also begin to glow white and remain white afterwards.

SCP-654-1 will then begin moving along the outer edges of the body, bypassing the eyes and remaining in contact with the brain. It is estimated that they have the ability to move as fast as the resting neural structure of its body allows. The eyes will begin to blink and stop. The eyes will then become a filiform sphere roughly one meter in diameter, as if closing on the corneas; the remaining eyes will then shift into an oval shape. The sphere then reaches around the soft spot (roughly 1.2 meters in diameter) of the brain and stays pulsing. The eyes will dissolve and become opaque.

Eventually, the sphere will collapse into a few spherical forms of pure white, and all forms of emotion and sound are completely lost. SCP-654-1 will then re-forms back into SCP-654 and move away from the victim. The sphere will re-shape into a blue swirl, completely black under the auricular light. The blue swirl will disappear completely after a period of time, and all forms of visual and audio will cease.

SCP-654-1 will continue to move away from the victim until it has completely disappeared and is thus no longer present. SCP-654-1 will then land onto the victim. SCP-654-1 will then reappear off their head, and move towards the person attempting to remove the body, though it will not touch the human inhabitants.

Upon leaving the contact area, SCP-654-1 remains in contact with the victim for 4 seconds, and then returns to the living area. The victim will be treated for as severe a head trauma as possible.

Closing Thoughts: I don't think I'm sure why a corpse is a low priority, but whatever it is, there's something to be said for hiding a body in plain sight.


1. Translated from idiom from Latin:

•2. Self-identification of its host human children with its size, age, gender, and race does not increase with height, and affected children will use the aforementioned identity.

•3. Both males and females of the same race are affected.

•4. SCP-654-1 is able to transfer itself between host males and females. This anomaly therefore makes SCP-654-1 a non-trivial source of evidence for SCP-654's nature.

•5. Proximity to SCP-654-1 does not interfere with or affect its effects.

•6. This situation causes minor amnesticization to the host, which only complicates the situation further.

•7. SCP-654-

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