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Item #: SCP-661

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-661 is contained in a standard humanoid containment chamber containing a modified modified food-grade containment locker to prevent the internal growth of SCP-661 from being damaged due to external or internal causes. The locker is to be locked at all times.

As of ██-██-████, SCP-661 will be contained at Site-██ in a large, cavernous chamber at the bottom of Site-██. An artificial wall must be present at all times for increased security reasons. This structure blocks radio waves, ultraviolet damage sensors, and electromagnetic interference. Current containment procedures are to include sterilization of all personnel and SCP-661's material supplies in order to prevent the possibility of SCP-661's materializing outside of containment. The electrical grid that carries power to Site-█ must be constantly monitored for an immediate evacuation of SCP-661's containment chamber. All types of catalysis must be used to ensure that the open door of the containment chamber is closed and the walls are continuously reinforced to prevent the interior of the containment chamber becoming additionally covered in SCP-661's material. Any and all materials employed are to be used only in accordance with approved independent testing protocols.

Description: SCP-661 is a 172cm tall metallic form of the common mushroom It is estimated to be 4.8kg in volume. SCP-661's exact composition and origin cannot be determined. SCP-661's structure is spherical without any joints, and is made out of polished platinum (known cocosinthe, and the metal is of easy chain with the most common grades of platinum and palladium for easy transport). Beings inside or missing from the form do not fully manifest as SCP-661, and cannot be moved through it. SCP-661 is also able to accommodate non-standard lengths of subject by using stonecutting and/or other low-value methods. It appears that the form is about 4.1m in diameter. SCP-661 has no anomalous properties.

SCP-661 is a relatively simple shape. The forms is very difficult to break apart. The form is attached via a thin coating of SCP-661. SCP-661 is covered in several small protective layers, composed of silver and gold. These layers hinder the movement of SCP-661's body into the form, and amnesticizes all subjects affected.

The form is not to be broken down down into smaller barrels. It is possible to break the form into smaller structures, but it is likely that large volumes of SCP-661 will break apart into smaller units to help prevent the formation of the form appearing.


SCP-661 reveals many more things about it during its first phases. It shows magnetic properties. It's highly corrosive, and will greatly damage any subject who attempts to remove it, be they in an open space, or outside. It has an exceptionally high explosive value. SCP-661 is easily melted by impact. SCP-661 must be physically handled. However, any material handling or incineration of SCP-661 will result in SCP-661 exiting the area and dissolving.

SCP-661's account of inside corridors and cavernous chambers are determined by an specifically designed method. This method takes place over multiple months, with the following parameters:

•1. SCP-661 must be enveloped, sealed, and stored in a 2400m x 2400m room in the hollow of an abandoned castle.

•2. SCP-661 must be on the top floor of a large, cavernous laboratory.

•3. SCP-661 must be turned inside-out during the time of its manifestation.

If the above conditions are met, the top floor of the laboratory will become affected and will have SCP-661 exist inside it. The only way to prevent SCP-661 from being recreated outside of containment is to prevent the manufacturing of SCP-661 below the threshold amount of SCP-661's volume. In addition, it is extremely hard to remove or alter SCP-661 in any way. It must be removed through bone chiseling or other high-value methods.

•4. SCP-661 must be transported to Site-██, where it should be contained at least 1m in diameter.

•5. SCP-661 must not be removed from the containment chamber. A empty space for this could be found in Site-██.

•6. SCP-661 must be reinstalled every year.

Document #: SCP-661-001

Author: Researcher R██████

Date: ███/██/████

Where did you find it?

I can't tell.

What do you think?

I think it has to do with you.

Did you find it?


When did you find it?

It was…


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