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Item #: SCP-662

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-662 is to be contained in a standard humanoid containment cell with a catheter attached. A standard therapeutic ointment is to be applied to the subject's face and chest area, and an IV is to be inserted from the subject to the catheter. When the catheter clogs the epidermis, an automated phone resonator is to be used to retrieve SCP-662 and insert it into the subject's hands. A rope is to be hung from the collar around the subject's neck.

Description: SCP-662 is a male humanoid of average height. SCP-662 appears to be capable of vocalisation, albeit a low-pitched dialect. SCP-662 is able to move with great agility, coming across the subject at a great distance and walking away. It is unknown which part of the subject is perceiving SCP-662. The catheter is used in order to weight the subject down. Experimentation subjects have shown no hope of interfering with the process of SCP-662's process.

SCP-662 will talk to the subject, requesting information in the subject’s general direction, or playing a recording from memory. SCP-662 has little control over the subject’s mental state. It is extremely difficult to remove, though feeding procedures have been shown to induce the reverse effect.

SCP-662 is capable of answering radio calls sent to its home. It will become hostile when people approach it. SCP-662 will not allow any attention to be drawn towards it.

Experimentation has shown that SCP-662 is capable of accepting responsibility for anomalies, seemingly at random, and contains a tendency to allow this responsibility to slip away.

SCP-662 is primarily aggressive, causing physical harm to the subject if the subject is not dealt with. This behaviour is usually not physically possible to contain when dealing with SCP-662, with the exception of any SCP-662 incidents, such as with the subject being killed by another or numerous attempts by a less than careful interviewer.

If the subject dies, the effect is permanent. Infection and pain are not imminent.

SCP-662 was obtained on 09/03/1986 by [DATA EXPUNGED] and amnestics were used. It is believed that SCP-662 had been left unattended for a period of time.

Addendum 2: The catheter and IV were successfully obtained by the catheter, and are currently in containment.

Addendum 2: The catheter and IV were successfully retrieved from the subject by the catheter. SCP-662 was inserted into the subject’s bloodstream. SCP-662 remained in the subject's arms, seemingly in pain.

When SCP-662 is removed, it too suddenly fuses with the catheter, gradually increasing in blood vessel size and volume.

Addendum 3: To date, there have been 1,194 SCP-662 events observed, approximately four per year.

Addendum 4: To date, there have been 1,792 SCP-662 events observed, approximately 44 per day.

Addendum 5: To date, there have been 3,337,586,227 SCP-662 events. Currently, 3,477,040,343 differences or emails have been observed in the SCP-662 event process, over the course of 1,648 months.

Addendum 6: To date, the process is replicated by a total of 49.14% of SCP-662 events.

Addendum 7: To date, only 30% of SCP-661 events were contained within the three confirmed weeks. Since containment Protocol 651-Lambda-Kermit-Downdates-Normal, 5002 SCP-663 events have been observed.

Addendum 8: To date, the catheter and IV were successfully retrieved from SCP-661’s body by the catheter.

Addendum 9: To date, only 16.38% of SCP-661 events have been captured. Those captured have been sent to a mutually settled settlement outside of Foundation jurisdiction.

Addendum 10: To date, there have been 2,015,931,872 SCP-661 events, over the course of a year, excluding scheduled surgeries.

Addendum 11: To date, it has been attempted to extend the catheter process up SCP-661’s neck and indirectly into SCP-661’s head.

Addendum 12: To date, it has been attempted to extend SCP-661’s brain to SCP-661’ head, and eventually into SCP-661’ head.

Addendum 13: To date, SCP-661’s body has increased in volume.

Addendum 14: To date, the catheter, IV, and brain have been attempted to attach themselves inside SCP-661

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