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Item #: SCP-665

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-665 has been developed by a total of 8 teams, each consisting of approximately 30 operatives with varying backgrounds in the field, and is found within a 200m perimeter of Site-64, with the current number of operatives.

The work is overseen by Foundation scientists and engineers, operating under an O5-1-Expeditionary Protocol. SCP-665 is to be stored anomalously on Site-64.

Description: SCP-665 is a small, 1.3m by 1m by 10m square, concrete waste disposal bin, manufactured in the city of [[REDACTED]. At the time of discovery, the container contained the remains of a small humanoid entity.

Samples of SCP-665’s interior began to ferment in some sort of flat, iridescent black water. Four samples of the container, five specimens of the lid, the top and the bottom and the depths of SCP-665’s container, were found in a bottle. The contents of the bottle were incinerated, and an SCP-665’s containment chamber was constructed following this.

SCP-665 has been deemed neutralized by the Foundation, and Site-64 is to be filled with a 20m thick, indestructible mass of hard concrete.

Overview: SCP-665 was used in the E-class event of the ██████ Blackout of ████ ████.

The object was built by building contractor ████ ███████, using a prototype subterfuge device from the 1950s. The device was constructed in the shadow of a hardware store in ███████, and is heavily decorated with care. SCP-665 is an unusually well maintained structure, with no major or unusual wear or constant maintenance. The facility currently uses a secluded and particularly temperate garden within the main compound.

The object is used for the general demolition of the foundations of the surrounding buildings with no major impact on the physical scene. SCP-665 has been used to demolish at least 90 buildings in ███████████, ████████████, ███████████, ███████████, ███████, ██████, ██████, ████████, ████████, ███████, ████████, ███████, ████████, ████████, ████████, ████████, ████, ██████, ████████, ████████, ████████, ████████, ███████, ████, ████████, ████████, ████████, ████████, ████████, ████████, ████████, ████████, ████████, ████████, ████████, ████████, ███████ and ███████.

SCP-665 was found in the belongings of ████ ████, a peaceful, unremarkable man who lived 150m away in ████████████, ████████, after his death by the ████████ Blackout.

The containers were used for the disposal of a multitude of false bodies, and deaths attributed to the blackout. The realization that SCP-665 was not neutralized, and became physically and logistically strange, was verified by later reports from Site-64, and ultimately had the aid of ███████ Research Assistant Dr. █████.

SCP-665-1-A: A long black pipe, approximately 4 metres in length, as well as a copper rod and a miniature hose leading to the workings of SCP-665.

SCP-665-1-A had access to SCP-665’s control room, and several high-ranking Foundation officials, including Junior Researcher ████████, were present.

SCP-665-1-A was given a clear glass eye, and a piece of copper wire, and a small plastic tube containing a small 500m long hose terminating in a small steel arm.

SCP-665-1-A then proceeded to tap the arm, pulling it across SCP-665’s edge. The arm caused SCP-665 to move in a similar fashion, evenly smoothing SCP-665 along the top surface of the pot and towards the flow of solid black water. Eventually, SCP-665 was in a 180 arc, with a spherical red colored ribbon at 9°. SCP-665 spun around the majority of the copper rod, a fraction of a millimeter at most, and reversed direction, with a single black trace crossing the red ribbon. SCP-665 was then floating above the white ribbon, as the ring slowly turned blue.

SCP-665-1-B: A small black box, covered with a thin layer of hard plastic


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