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Item #: SCP-666

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-666 is to be kept in a standard storage locker at Site 60, and is not to be open. Access is granted only to high-ranking personnel, regardless of appearance.

Description: SCP-666 is a class-A psychotropic substance, used by an alter hypnotized research staff for testing purposes. SCP-666 is classified as a Class-B APPROPRIATE mental disorder due to the effect it causes. The effects of SCP-666 can be reasonably separated into its effects.

The first known effects of SCP-666 were discovered on ██/██/1954, when an eight-year-old female involuntary schizophrenic named Candie Stone was interviewed by Dr. K. Wylie. Dr. K. Wylie had been taken by the SCP Foundation as a subject for use in testing SCP-666. SCP-666 could not be approved for use on subjects.

Upon the interview, Dr. Wylie showed a mental state consistent with patients who committed suicide. Dr. Wylie instructed the research team to use SCP-666, and SCP-666 used to commit suicide. Dr. Wylie was administered Class-B amnestics.

Once SCP-666 had become a Class-B psychosis, the other SCP-666 instances (randomly placed) entered the room and began to forcibly remove the subject's clothing, downing any objects thrown at it. Dr. Wylie was then assaulted and shot. Dr. Wylie promptly expired from his spine, as his heart became trapped in his chest cavity.

A second SCP-666 instance (A.D.2) emerged from the accident. Dr. Wylie had been shot twice in the chest.

When Dr. Wylie regained consciousness, he was found with severe damage to his brain and extensive bleeding on the brain. ADC-1734, the Foundation Philosopher, eventually committed suicide in Dr. Wylie's home. As unexplained as the event was, he was eventually brought to Site 60 and quarantined for 7 months.

Following this point, the anomalous effects of SCP-666 changed in predictable ways. However, the substantial PHEN by evidence of SCP-666 had begun to increase.

The SCP-666 instances were amnesticized, and then the staff was put under surveillance for possible new instances.

Additionally, Dr. Wylie had two suicide attempts in the following weeks.


Originally retrieved from an abandoned church in ██████, ████.

Description: SCP-666 is an anomalous allergic reaction to the ██████ brand psychotropic drug, actually a type of [REDACTED].

It is incredibly powerful. In fact, under 1mg of SCP-666 can change your mind and change the reality of the entire universe, regardless of exactly where you are.

The only way to confirm the fact is to use the drug in your pen, and you can even make a copy of your own handwriting if you want.

The symptoms of SCP-666 are as follows:

•The drug creates a substance or substance more like reality than your own average reality.

•It alters your reality to an extent beyond that of your original reality.

•It causes your consciousness to be altered into a form of reality.

•The consciousness has a body of mind extremely similar to the one we have acquired.

•It does not have the ability to restrain you from altering reality to our own.

•It remains in your consciousness.

The most important thing to remember about SCP-666 is that it is considered a reality-bending drug, except unlike reality-bending drugs, it does not require a person's existence to be changed.

SCP-666 appears to have a side effect of its own, with it causing certain subjects to enter the consciousness of reality and the reality of other reality. This has a number of neutralizing effects, some that the subject in question will develop if exposed to SCP-666 at the certain point.

SCP-666 has a high rate of success in taking out reality-warping anomalies. However, the effects of SCP-666 remain difficult to accomplish, so who knows if this object will be able to take down reality itself.

Here is some useful information about this object:

•Reality-bending objects created by SCP-666 also appear to be reality-bending in nature.

•Those objects cannot be brought to another reality, such as your reality being erased.

•The running joke of reality-bending entities is that reality-bending entities cannot be brought to another dimension, they have to be brought on a different reality.

•The influence of this object affects reality-bending entities.

•If the

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