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Item #: SCP-668

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-668 is held in a secure room, 80m from the main SCP collection base, which has been inventoried as a possible means of containment. The interior of this container is to be closed no fewer than every 25th of any month by at least one bearer of the following:

•A married couple (with a 94-year-old wife and a 25-year-old son)

•One adult child (called SCP-668-1)

•One adult child (called SCP-668-1-1)

•One adult child (called SCP-668-1-2)

•Two adult children (called SCP-668-1-3 and SCP-668-1-4)

•One adult child (call SCP-668-1-5)

•One adult child (call SCP-668-1-6)

•One adult child (call SCP-668-1-7)

•One adult child (call SCP-668-1-8)

•One adult child (call SCP-668-1-9)

•One adult child (call SCP-668-1-10)

•One adult child (call SCP-668-1-11)

•No objects

•Two children (call SCP-668-1-12 and SCP-668-1-13)

•One adult child (call SCP-668-1-14)

•One living child (call SCP-668-1-15)

•Six living children (call SCP-668-1-16 and SCP-668-1-17)

•One living child (call SCP-668-1-18)

•One living child (call SCP-668-1-19)

•One living child (call SCP-668-1-20)

•Three living children (call SCP-668-1-21 and SCP-668-1-22)

•D-class personnel

•One living child (call SCP-668-1-23)


•One adult child (call SCP-668-1-24)

•One living child (call SCP-668-1-25)

•One living child (call SCP-668-1-26)

•Two living children (call SCP-668-1-27)

•Three living children (call SCP-668-1-28 and SCP-668-1-29)

•Six living children (call SCP-668-1-30 and SCP-668-1-31)

•One living child (call SCP-668-1-32)

•Four living children (call SCP-668-1-33 and SCP-668-1-34)

•Two living children (call SCP-668-1-35)

•One living child (call SCP-668-1-36)

•Three living children (call SCP-668-1-37)

•Two living children (call SCP-668-1-38 and SCP-668-1-39)

•One living child (call SCP-668-1-40)

•Four living children (call SCP-668-1-41 and SCP-668-1-42)

•One living child (call SCP-668-1-43)

•One living child (call SCP-668-1-44)

•Seven living children (call SCP-668-1-45 and SCP-668-1-46)

•Three living children (call SCP-668-1-47 and SCP-668-1-48)

•Five living children (call SCP-668-1-49 and SCP-668-1-50)

•Six living children (call SCP-668-1-51)

•All living children (call SCP-668-1-52)

•One living child (call SCP-668-1-53)

•Three living children (call SCP-668-1-54)

•Four living children (call SCP-668-1-55)

•Three living children (call SCP-668-1-56)

•One living child (call SCP-668-1-57)

•For the last three months of calls, SCP-668 is usually empty.

•The phone will ring occasionally, and a besmirched man-like figure will appear from the line. The voice will be difficult to distinguish from the voice on the other end of the line. The figure is usually a child-like creature and a few times has been observed to wag its tail and lift a baby or adult in its hands. The figure is often imperceptible to the receiver, has no left or right ear and speaks in a thick Sonnet-like noise.

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