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Item #: SCP-670

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-670 is to be secured in a standard personal storage closet in Site-42. Testing is to take place only with the permission of at least two (2) Level 3 personnel, each of whom should be briefed as soon as possible upon the objects coming into contact with SCP-670.

Should SCP-670 exhibit anomalous property, personnel should report it to the nearest level three personnel immediately. If SCP-670 does not exhibit anomalous properties, SCP-670 should be contained on-site and reclassified as Euclid.

If SCP-670 does exhibit anomalous properties, it should not be held, inspected, or otherwise dealt with unless a specific exception applies.

If SCP-670 experiences a temporal or space-time distortion, the following steps should be taken:

•Begin retrieval of SCP-670 from Site-42.

•Begin removing from Site-42 any objects triggering the temporal effect.

•Use a "detection" device, such as a recording device, to find all possible instances of SCP-670.

•Conclude the time-traveling part of the paradox, and caveat the dimensions of the paradox.

•Adopt the most current containment procedures as best available to the needs of the personnel involved.

•Display SCP-670 to Site-42 personnel.

•Utilize the containment procedures as best may be possible.

•Cover up the paradox itself for as long as possible.

•Cover up the paradox as an accident and produce an acceptable result.

•Adopt the warlord's corpse as the basis of containment.

•Bring the warlord into containment as well.

•Release SCP-670 from containment.

The two personnel responsible for the procedure should consult Document 430-Oblivion for a full-list of possible alternate measures.

The following is a partial list of procedures 3rd and 4th.

•Begin locating SCP-670 in the home of the few people who can know the paradox.

•Begin planning the removal of the paradox and removing from Site-42 the only personnel who can see the paradox.

•Begin interrogation of the environment around SCP-670 so as to create an unaguar situation.

•Begin chanting the name of the warlord in these circumstances.

•Begin dispersing the paradox.

•Begin insisting on the defense of the anomaly, unless necessary to fix it.

•Begin lifting SCP-670 on other anomalies.

•Begin ordering other agents, personnel and anomalies to alleviate the anomaly.

•Begin showing the paradox to animals and human beings until the paradox is successfully contained.

•Begin displaying SCP-670 to non-Foundation personnel in a non-containment area, in order to prevent the paradox from being used by other anomalies.

•Begin using SCP-670 to cover up SCP-670's containment.

•Begin punishing the warlord.

•Begin killing the warlord's civilians as well.

•Begin protecting the anomaly.

•Begin delaying the warlord's resurrection.

•Begin using SCP-670 against other anomalies.

•Begin attacking the anomaly.

•Begin destroying and/or disabling any anomalous objects or items entering Site-42.

•Begin attempting to preform an investigation and/or forensics on SCP-670.

•Begin performing Are you ready?

•Begin destroying Foundation-made anomalies and data in the event of SCP-670's capture.

•Begin halting the warlord's timeline.

•Begin eliminating any remaining witnesses and those unable to account for SCP-670's presence.

•Begin removing SCP-670 from Site-42.

•Begin destroying any remaining copies of SCP-670.

•Begin displaying SCP-670 to at least seventeen (17) civilians in order to make them stop their clone-the-warlord.

•Begin challenging the warlord for his thirst for war.

•Begin convincing the warlord that the warlord deserves to die.

•Begin using SCP-670 to distract the warlord.

•Begin utilizing SCP-670 against the warlord's clones.^

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