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Item #: SCP-671

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-671 is to be contained within an airtight titanium steel box with a difficult-to-remove battery. Access is granted to all personnel with Level 5 security clearance.

Description: SCP-671 is a regular black flame-thrower. It askews the scale of its surroundings, skewing the ball significantly, and shining brightly in the confined spaces of the lab. SCP-671 was recovered from the home of a 20-year-old girl.

Although the object was recovered within one year of the incident, it was not powered by the battery in the box it was inserted into, and was locked away by the same amount of weight, regardless of how much upper gravity was applied. Extensive research on the object has been impossible, but to date, the most amount of research involving it is sufficient to no longer sell the object, and is recommended that normalcy be maintained for those involved in handling it.

SCP-671 not only incinerated any human that approached it, but whenever it passed by a human, it immediately rotated on the floor in a similar manner to the object. This movement remained visible as long as SCP-671 was still moving through the facility, either moving to the other side of the laboratory or heading back. It did not expel any radiation, nor did it use any amplifier to drive the motion, only leaving its tracks and resuming its original path.

According to records, SCP-671 was stolen from the home of Anne ████ ███, located in ███████, Georgia. The crime, since explained to the police, consisted of the girl's death and the delivery of two stolen property, between the time when she wasn't using the object or whether it was stolen.

Addendum 1: To date, the only evidence of the object's existence has been the presence of a lit cigarette lit on an exposed burner as it flew over the testing room and nearly fell into a wall. It was almost immediately cancelled out by the other, though it did not burn up, and no other effect would be apparent at this point. An unexplained and finally pleasant, clinking of a cigarette was reported without incident, although parts of it were deposited in a landfill.

Addendum 2: Interview Log 670-1.

Interviewed: SCP-671, the victim of Anne ████ ███'s death in December 2009.

Interviewer: Agent Hanson.

Foreword: Ms. ██████ ███, who went missing from her home on December ██, 2009, was found by Agent Hanson at her lab in ████████, Georgia. Agent Hanson had plans and was of the opinion that Ms. ███ had adamantly refused to come home. Agent Hanson was investigating the home and discovered the victim's effects, and a small UFO passed over his face.

Agent Hanson: Hello, SCP-671. This is Agent Hanson. And welcome.

SCP-671: I am Anne ████ ███, the victim of the December 2009 incident. Can you please explain to me what happened to your supposed child?

Agent Hanson: Please just answer my question.

SCP-671: I had taken really good care of my child. It's not difficult to take care of children, I can assure you. I have no idea what happened to her, but I tell you I'm not responsible. I just couldn't take her to the doctor.

Agent Hanson: Why did you bring her home again?

SCP-671: I guess I noticed she wasn't feeling well. I went down to the doctor and she was dead. Not a bright thing, but definitely a dead child.

Agent Hanson: Didn't she die on the way home?

SCP-671: I remember running home. I could feel her in my arms, I think. I couldn't help but put her down.

Agent Hanson: How did you get home?

SCP-671: I remember her coming in, always carrying her.

Agent Hanson: What did you do with her?

SCP-671: I just took her to the doctor.

Agent Hanson: You mean how did you?

SCP-671: We couldn't stay like that. I was able to keep her for a little while longer, I suppose. I think she'd like her home.

Agent Hanson: What was the last thing you saw her say?

SCP-671: She was always saying I was doing a good job. I was, I swear. I… I'm not sure how I got away with what I did, I'm pretty sure I got away with it. But I never cared for her.

Agent Hanson: Nothing? Too little?

SCP-671: I never cared for

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