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Item #: SCP-674

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-674 is to be stored in the research department at Site 27. No personnel approaching or conversing with SCP-674 are to approach or discuss SCP-674 with any other personnel.

Description: SCP-674 resembles a standard 18th century blacksmith's forge with a gold handle, engraved with an abbreviated magnitude and duration (likely used to make abbreviations for all measurements in currency and writing).

SCP-674 comes furnished with: three forms of obsidian (two incense burners, a weapon of considerable power), two stylized plates of comparable design, a metal pelt, musket, a large metal head, three iron staffs, an iron shield with a brass handle and an iron cross. All of these items are encased in a wooden nihility.

SCP-674 is capable of incubating a variety of anomalous creatures (i.e. The Children of Apple-finch), and produces a fluid that appears to be a liquid of fertility itself. SCP-674 is capable of producing and utilizing ████████████'s mental ability, and is capable of instigating a variety of production and plant-based humanoid lifeforms in conjunction with its own abilities, but deviates in its ability to produce creative use of said capabilities.

SCP-674 has been tested on a complete male with an anomalous skill (see Addendum 674-2), and for the first time in a fully-completed, non-anomalous person. The result of this was the creation of a Vermina, an avian creature resembling a machine, complete with feathers and scales. SCP-674 is capable of communicating with Vermina via speech, and it is theorized that SCP-674 is sentient, and that Mathis' impressionable mind might be the only possible source of information about its personality.

Addendum 674-1: Several months after the discovery of the Original SCP, the form of SCP-674 was apparently destroyed by a meteorite strike, and SCP-674 was unwittingly transported to SCP-674's original location.

Addendum 674-2: While SCP-674 was unplayable, test subjects were able to use its abilities even without using the talents of the actual craftsman.

Addendum 674-3: 3 hours after the discovery of SCP-674, a heavy machinery malfunction contributed to the creation of a complex, building-like structure, resembling a structure that must be constructed out of one thousand identical steel cylinders. A combination of wooden vases, thematic paint, and simple carving on the walls and ceiling of SCP-674 indicate that this structure must be constructed out of SCP-674's chemistry.

Addendum 674-4: SCP-674 was destroyed by a rat creature resembling SCP-674's creation, in a fraction of the time it took to create the structure. While this is not numerically impossible, the purpose of this event is still not understood.

Addendum 674-5: In 2003, a $200,000 reward was offered by the Foundation for the discovery of a way to replicate SCP-704, if it would help detect autism.

Addendum 674-6: In 2007, the USS Pendergast which was stationed at Site 27 during the Cultural Revolution, was destroyed by an extremely successful missile-oddity attack by the Red Army. Based on the proximity, but not the significance of the target, the Air Force assigned to the Pendergast eventually convinced the Foundation to provide a multi-billion dollar payout to the victim of an extremely successful counter-insurgency campaign.

Addendum 674-7: Upon discovery of SCP-674, both SCP-674 and SCP-704 were discovered to be compatible with each other.

Addendum 674-8: A young man featured in Object Class: SCP-674 was discovered in ████████████, ████, by a man who was attacked by a variant of SCP-674 before moving to the city. Following an attempt to get further information on SCP-674, which ended in his family representatives trying to move him out of their home, and a similar incident in ████████████, ████, a billboard was erected which displayed the following in Russian: "ACTIVE FIGHTING, DETAILING UNKNOWN IMPERSONATE !"

Addendum 674-9: Site Command has ordered the purge of any knowledge of SCP-674. Further information regarding SCP-674 in a physical or digital format is entirely prohibited.

Addendum 674-10: Due to internal challenges in creating an effective memetics team, SCP-674 is currently impossible to destroy, but researchers are forbidden from making connections between SCP-674 and SCP-704 with the same object.

Addendum 674-11: Experimentation with

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