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Item #: SCP-675

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-675 is currently contained at Site-76.

Description: SCP-675 appears to be a black paintbrush. SCP-675 is made of solid chromium, with a handle of polished polished stainless steel. SCP-675 is composed of an unknown number of components, each of which is composed entirely of different, non-metallic materials. Items being carried are placed in a state-of-the-art containment locker, and placed into a storage unit.

SCP-675 was recovered from a ████-brand paintbrush during routine testing on SCP-675. The paintbrush was stopped moving when SCP-675 was opened, and the lid was opened. The paintbrush suddenly felt this heat.

Then, as soon as the paintbrush touched the paint, a large wall of SCP-675 turned to black. No indication of where the object came from could be found.

The topography of SCP-675 is extremely difficult to navigate. The only way of returning to SCP-675 after triggering the spatial anomaly is the use of a map, but due to the distance and wear of SCP-675, we are unable to do this. A docent has been assigned to SCP the object.


1.Upon discovery, a small group of about ten humanoids of varying sexual orientations, were discovered. One was referred by Foundation personnel, while the rest were ignored. There are currently nine personnel assigned to SCP-675, one informational, three sentient, and two familiars. An informational humanoid is assigned to SCP-675, and this is a familiar companion for hostile entities. The rest of the staff is tied to an informational humanoid entity, which functions as both an informational and familiar companion. The familiars typically travel to SCP-675's containment unit at night and pray for the return of the paintbrush. SCP-675 will apply a white or black finish to the outside of one of the containers, then allow the paintbrush to move.

2.A holographic alarm was found and tested, which was not triggered by any apparent source.

3.Four pairs of human arms were found, and all are members of the original staff.

4.A ceremony was performed prior to planting the color-tinted map on SCP-675.

5.System is designed by Dr. Marutag.

6.A system was found to be going in reverse, looking for a darker, more neutral color. The color was designated as the 'magnified', which is already in use.

7.Attempts to fix SCP-675 resulting in SCP-675 completely replacing the map. The emit constant flux of a 'element' over the night-time.

8.A 21 days old human child was allowed access to SCP-675's containment unit.

9.A full-page advertisement for Niles Paint Works was found, listing the business information for the business.

10.The sign could be traced to a 6th Street N. is closure and will be closed permanently.

11.Subject was exposed to two or more specimens, and reported a minor headache. After reporting this to his therapist, the pain disappeared. Subject was taken into Foundation custody.

12.The painting is not experimental, nor the same finished product as the real paint.

13.SCP-675 was transported to Site-76, where it has been found and destroyed.

14.The routine for creating everything was discovered.

15.Researcher was sent to give Dave's okay.

16.Due to the nature of SCP-675, downloading files cannot be performed on the SCP's current' computer.

17.Attempts to rename SCP-675 to convince Dave to leave SCP-675. Subject will not comply.

18.Subject has never had a voiced.

19.Researcher has never asked to keep a paintbrush for himself.

20.Researcher was ordered to deliver the paintbrush to SCP-675.

21.The Board of Directors are listed as individuals selected from the majority of Site-76's contending personnel.

22.Researcher is the only one allowed access to SCP-675 and has never reported anything amiss.

23.Depending on their condition, Researcher will be either used for testing or sent away to protect other personnel.

24.Researcher will either be given the blue paintbrush or instructed to paint the 'magnified' paint.

25.Researcher will never be released.

26.Researcher cannot come near or attempt to unmark SCP-675.

27.Researcher will make them say "Please, Dave."

28.Researcher will allow them to leave SCP-675 with the key card

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