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Item #: SCP-676

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-676 is to be contained in a modified airtight container placed in a 4 by 4 meter chamber. The chamber is to be padlocked with a tamper-proof lock in order to prevent access by personnel. The slab of flesh above the door and the metal collar of the container must be kept at a minimum of 100 degrees above the surface of the air. No personnel are to come into physical contact with SCP-676, as contact is an extremely damaging cause of infection. An antidote must be worn on all skin contacts, as this is a substantial risk to personnel in contact.

Description: SCP-676 appears to be a meat loaf of unknown origin, consistency, and content. From the bottom up, there are visible tracks of mechanical activity. Several of the tracks are suspected to be alien in origin. Some of the tracks resemble the original chunks of meat, all of which were apparently sealed in a vacuum sealing unit. Analysis indicates that the meat loaf came from an alien species of unknown classification.

The meat loaf has been described as having "more flesh than meat". It is believed that the meat loaf was eaten by one individual, or a group of individuals, who ate the meat. The sphere appears to have been shaped like a sphere approximately 5 by 5 metres, and, when a human (or a group of humans) enters the sphere, it grows more meat. The meat loaf appears to be half-filled with a mixture of meat, cheese, and other solid substances, along with the meat and cheese. Once the meat loaf has finished growing, it sinks downwards, and remains there for approximately 10 minutes before dissolving into the meat and cheese layer. At the time of the first sign of SCP-676 emerging, it was also 3 by 3 metres.

If an individual eats the meat loaf, they also absorb the cheese from the meat below. The amount of cheese absorbed is overwhelming. Subjects report a "taste" of it. However, a repeat of this "taste" is quickly forgotten once the cheese is absorbed. Taking the cheese from the meat loaf, and then drinking from its outlet, is not effective.

If the meat loaf is eaten, it will fill the confines of the sphere, slowly leaving the "racket" of meat and cheese, until it reaches a height 1 by 1m. Once this occurs, SCP-676 makes itself visible, and once duplicates the meat loaf into the sphere. The sphere is constructed of thick gummy shells and projections, and exists on top of all its surrounding material.

The sphere has an interior of ~1,000 square meters, and is filled completely with cheese. An internal pocket of cheese is located on the top edge, and while distictory or otherwise unsettling, is contained within. Cheese itself does not appear to harm the cheese within, but the cheese inside will bounce off of any small objects the entity or objects it is touching. This effect does not seem to affect artifacts found within its sphere, including but not limited to metal gloves, raspberries, or magnetic items.

The sphere does not appear to have any interference from those of other objects around it. However, it is not entirely clear how the cheese uncoils from the sphere. It seems to unpack itself, causing it to start leaving the sphere uneventfully.

If an individual or group of humans eats the cheese, the sphere is filled with cheese dust, and becomes a glowing sphere of cheese. This process appears to remove the cheese from the sphere, and the cheese does not come out of the sphere.

Once the cheese is completely covered, the cheese begins to move towards the "sphere" and cover it up. Cheese is then produced from the "sphere" by processed slabs.

If the cheese reaches the "sphere", it will start to rid the cheese of the surrounding material. See Addendum №-277-1. Downward vacating will cause the cheese to fall into the cheese sphere. The sphere will then fill with cheese. After this, the cheese will move upwards until the cheese covers the sphere, at which point it will slowly travel downwards. The sphere is still filled with cheese, and will always be filled with cheese.

Addendum №-277-1: Disinformation

If a human eats the cheese, he/she, if they are not put in contact with the cheese, will need to be exposed to standing in the sphere, and while they're doing so must ever wear the cheese cord covering them, and string their fingers and toes in the cheese cord as long as possible.

If the cheese just hits the cheese cord and disappears after a while, then they will know that they are in contact with cheese, and that they are feeling it. The cheese will become visible, and the cheese can become a solid mass. It is unknown what

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